Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday OREO Cookie ~ Yummy!!


Today we celebrate the 100th Birthday of America's favorite cookie... The Oreo!!

No matter how you eat it.... by twisting it open, licking the cream out of it, dunk it in milk (MY personal favorite, Double Stuff to be precise!), or just bite right into it, there is such a distinctive, delicious taste to the Oreo that NO OTHER cookie can match. Others have tried, but seriously failed.

There are soooo many things you can make with Oreo cookies, too. Here's a few recipes that I love... The first one is mine and is totally addictive so I don't make them often:

~ Brownie Covered Oreo Cups

~ Oreo Dirt Cake

~ Oreo Mud Pie

~ Deep Fried Oreos (I guess you can deep fry anything these days)

Actually if you search Food.com, you will find 906 recipes using Oreo cookies, not to mention 1009 recipes on the Nabisco site!! I think I may go on a mission to try all of them. =)  Roll me over when I am done. TeeHee!!

So no matter what type of Oreo cookie is your favorite - mine being the Double Stuff - let's all celebrate together today with a tip of a glass of milk and a cookie to the greatest cookie ever invented.

Happy Birthday Oreo!!



Adaptable Kay said...

I can't believe they hit 100-That's a major accomplishment for such a little cookie :)

It's definitely an American classic though!

Happy 100th Birthday Oreo :)

XmasDolly said...

woo hoo happy birthday to dem! And I can't have them no more so have one for me with cold milk please! TANKS!

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