Monday, September 20, 2010

Did You Ever Have One of Those Weeks?????

 Crying 1 Boy, oh boy, what a week this was for us... I am still recovering.

It started out on Monday, the 13th with my poor husband breaking a tooth eating an ice cream bar as we were picking up my prescriptions (which by the way cost $106 for 2 generic prescriptions, UGH!) - it was, of course after 5:00pm, so the dentist office was already closed. Missing Teeth

Well, Tuesday I woke up to discover that Mandie, one of our six doggies, oh yes, they are all still here (explanation to follow) had gotten sick with diarrhea all over the living room carpet. The poor baby was afraid I was going to hurt her as she is still not used to people loving her since she is a rescue dog that we have only had for about a month. So I had to clean up her mess and comfort her letting her know that we still loved her and everything was still OK.

We managed to get Bill a dentist appointment on Wednesday here in town at noon, which of course messes up the whole day, but we are trying to get this fixed for his class reunion in Connecticut the first weekend of October - you see it is his front tooth  - go figure! So, anyway, an hour and a half and $100 later, with nothing done but some poking around and an x-ray, we find out that it is going to cost over $3,100 to fix everything.  Great!!  Now we have to figure out what to do, we have the money for it - it's what we have put aside for the trip to Connecticut. Hrmpf.....  Perturbed 

Now comes Thursday... my good friend (the one with the dogs, who has her own problems right now) has a friend who is a dentist in downtown Orlando, and she's graciously offered to fit Bill in at 8:00am. Oh, joy, we get to drive into Orlando with all the other commuters, but that is OK, we are being done a favor and we really appreciate it, so we get up really early and take the doggies for a walk, which completely confuses them, and off we go. Forty-five minutes later we arrive right on time and my darling goes through a really thorough examination and another x-ray, 3 hours later, it is determined that he needs a full set of dentures on top and bottom. While the bottom can wait, we really need to do the top right away to fix his broken tooth. The cost for this, with a discount and a complete set of x-rays is $2,900... Yippee!!     Insane  We decide that our Connecticut trip will have to be cancelled (which also means I won't be able to see my youngest son, Alex - totally bummed now, don't worry sweetie, I'll get over it, you need to have this done and I love you from the bottom of my heart!)  because Bill really needs his teeth to eat and talk, those things are kind-of important... so he is fitted and we make an appointment for next Friday for his oral surgery... more joy: for him because of the pain and for me because I am going to have to drive back from Orlando... I don't really drive anymore, I am a wreck thinking about it already.  Compact 

Wait.... things get better.  We get home, and notice that all the digital clocks in the house are blinking. Turns out, the house was without power for about a 1/2 hour while we were gone which explains why it is so warm in there - mind you, we still have temps in the 90s here.   Boiling Hot   So, after resetting all the clocks, I start working on my blog and answering emails when I doze off for a bit because I have gotten up way too early compared to usual and my back is really killing me from the scrubbing of the carpet in the morning.  At around 4:30pm there is a short loss of power again, but it comes on about 5 minutes later, this happens several more times. Not so around 5:15 when it goes off again.... oh, no, this time is goes off and stays off, I have just turned on the oven to make chicken - damn!  So, I call the power company and find out that it should be back on by 6:30 and they will call me if there is going to be a delay. I get a call around 6:15 from the power company asking if my power is back on... UH, no! They tell me that it should be back on by 9:00pm... there goes dinner.  So now we have to go out to eat and we have found out that it is the whole town that has no power, so the restaurants in town are out of the question.  Boy it gets dark here with no lights and it gets really warm without A/C or the ceiling fans. Well, we find that Chick-fil-A is open and has power just on the out-skirts of town so that is where we eat - I love their chicken strips. I even get some nuggets to bring home to the puppies because there won't be any of my chicken to add to their dog food for dinner - YES, they are super spoiled.   Puppy 2

TiredAfter dinner, we go home and feed the doggies by candle light and then go sit on the balcony with them by citronella candle and FINALLY the power comes back on around 9:30pm and stays on. It takes about 10 more minutes for the DirecTV to reprogram itself, and we watch one show then head off to bed because I am so stressed, in pain and thoroughly exhausted. 

Friday, I start working on on catching up on my emails and my blog when I discover that during one of those power surges, some of my emails have disappeared - CRAP! So, if you have sent me something that was important and I haven't responded to you, please resend it and forgive me, I am not ignoring you... I am totally overwhelmed and wiped out! Now here is the reason for still having all the dogs: My good friend has been trying to buy a house here in town and she even put down a deposit only to discover that there is a lien on the house and the current owners are refusing to sell.  Where she is living now doesn't have room for the dogs, so, we still have her three dogs along with our three dogs... don't get me wrong, I love them all, but it really is a TON of work and it is causing me a lot of pain in my back and neck and doesn't give me as much time for my own blog or visiting all my wonderful virtual friends - whom I miss terribly!! But how can you resist these faces:

We were really lucky enough to go out to our favorite Shannon's Irish pub on Friday night for their "Half-Way to St. Patrick's Day" party and have a fabulous dinner and Guinness on tap, plus spend time with some great friends with splendid music.

Saturday morning I was awakened at 4:00am with a mind-splitting migraine with excruciating pain, nausea, sensitivity to light, sound and any kind of movement. (Those of you who don't get migraines have NO idea how debilitating they can be, and I am so grateful you don't have to suffer with them.) I ended up taking one of my heavy-duty pills (at $33 each) around 6:00am and it hardly did anything. I stayed in bed - along with 4 doggies making sure that I was OK - minus the times I had to get up to vomit {pardon the visual} - taking another of my $33 pills plus my regular pain pills, migraine meds, and regular medication once the vomiting stopped, until 4:30pm when I was at least able to stand up and walk. I went outside with the dogs for a walk to get some fresh air (wearing VERY dark sunglasses) and then came back in the house and lie down on the couch to watch a little TV with my eyes 1/2 open and the sound lowered with all 6 doggies surrounding me, taking turns to make sure I was OK and licking my face, hands and feet. Good thing Bill had some left-overs from Friday night because I really wasn't up to cooking, I was able to put the chicken that had been marinating since Thursday {remember the power-outage?}  in the oven and he and the doggies had a piece of that... I drank water for dinner and then had a little ice cream mixed with a banana to raise my potassium level. I figured this migraine was from all the turmoil in the air pressure with the fading hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Igor off the east coast of Florida and the tropical depression a bit farther out in the Atlantic... when all these depressions smack together over central Florida and the barometric pressure fluctuating rapidly, it really effects my migraines and this one was a doozie!

Sunday I was still feeling kind-of weak and sick to my stomach, so I didn't eat very much all day, just a couple of bites during our usual breakfast out with the doggies at Shannon's Irish Pub - the babies ate everything I didn't.  Puppies   We walked around town for a little while and came home to watch football. To add insult to injury, the week ended with our poor NY Giants losing the game on Sunday night.  Giants   I'm so glad the week is over... lets hope this week is better.

So how was YOUR week?


Unknown said...

Wow-what a week you had!!! All of that-every little bit-was something but then throw it all together over the course of the week and it is REALLY SOMETHING! Crazy week - hope this week treats you better.

Sad to hear about your trip being cancelled, but yes-teeth are very important!!

Those are really cute doggies! :)

Anonymous said...

I'd have been rocking in a corner curled up in the fetal position after Monday alone! Bless your heart, I'm sorry. Surely your luck will change now.

Lucinda said... brought tears to my eyes. Not fair for good people to have such a tough time of it. I hope Mandie is feeling better and I hope you never have such an awful migraine EVER again. You're just too sweet to have to suffer like that.

Here's to a better week for ALL of you! Hang in there...hugs and pixie dust for you!!! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers Dear.

ron62old said...

hey bill boy you had a bad wk sorry about down in fla oct

fredamans said...

Poor baby and Bill. Glad you saved $200 that is better than no savings, and I hope the worst is over for you guys!

Tami W. said...

I don't know how in the world you dealt with that week. Know I love you and if you were closer, I would take some puppies for a while (though Rob wouldn't be overly pleased!).

Hugs and love to both you and Bill!

~ Noelle said...

aww, i hate that this has been going on...
i hope you are better... as well as the rest of the family...
sorry about ct, but just think...
soon enough, you will be getting to see BOTH BOYS!
HUGS to you...

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