Saturday, September 25, 2010

Joke of the Day - Dodge City's Theatre Group


Dodge City was a rough town. Nevertheless, it had an excellent theatre group. One time it planned to perform the Swan Lake Ballet.

On the day of dress rehearsal, it was discovered that moths had gotten into the tutus. Everything was ruined. The producer placed a call to the Acme Costume Company in Wichita and learned they had plenty of tutus. The proprietor promised to ship the much needed garments over on a special train. They should arrive in plenty of time for the opening.


Back at Dodge, everyone was in a big hurry. Someone needed to go down to the depot and fetch the tutus. Butch, the biggest, toughest guy in town offered to do it. So he went to the station and sat down. When the station master saw Butch, he went over and asked if he might be of help. Butch replied, "Thanks, but I'm just waiting for the tutu train." 
Toy Train


Adaptable Kay said...

Hehe! Aw, how cute xD

Tami W. said...

That's one of those ones you chuckle at and then think to yourself, "Boo hiss!" <>

~ Noelle said...

you are not right...

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