Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday's Music Moves Me


Welcome back to our rockin' good meme Monday's Music Moves Me! The exciting music meme that XmasDolly and I are hosting, now along with Larry from Cakeblast and Callie from JAmericanSpice.  Won't you play along... here are the rules:

First step: You need to run on over to You Tube, (or wherever your find your songs/videos) and get your pick for the day according to the theme. Upcoming themes are over on Dolly's blog on the left sidebar.

Second Step: Grab our "Monday's Music Moves Me" button (over on XmasDolly's blog on the right sidebar)

Way Too HappyThird step: Dance (follow) your hostesses (that would be me and Dolly); grab our buttons; then sign the linky, either here or on Dolly's blog - they are linked.

HiFinal step: Start lookin' for a partner and boogie on down to her blog (or his - Hi, Larry), and say hello  by leaving a comment, and tag (follow) her/him. If you've been tagged (followed) be polite, and go on over there, leave a comment and tag (follow) her/him back.

This week's theme was a Freebie... so, pick something that moves you in some way and post that, then link up and visit the other players.  Here is my choice for the week, I'm in a real rock n' roll mood:

For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) - AC/DC Live

OK, so I know these guys are REALLY ugly, but I love rock n' roll music and this song is SO cool when it's done live. They have cannons on the stage that "shoot" off and everything... Yes, I have seen them in concert - and haven't been able to hear for several hours after the concert, but it was SO much fun!   Band

Hope you enjoyed, or at least tolerated, my selection this week... hope you join in!


Stacy Uncorked said...

I'm not a big rocker, but this is one song I've always liked! I bet their concert was fun, though! Aside from the inability to hear for hours afterwards... ;)

Playing along this week - and I'm now following you, too! :)

Monday's Music Move Me

Anonymous said...

I've heard about those AC/DC concerts and how your head rings for hours afterwards...but I bet it was a lot of fun, right? What a theatrical spectacle - if nothing else it'll get you up "to accept what you're about to receive" ha! ha! ha! Thanks for co-hosting this blog hop for us this week for us all - it's a lot of fun and great choice! Happy Monday!

Colette S said...

I've not listened or watched one of these before so it was good to see this since I'm not much of a rocker fan. DH is though.

That is really cool about the cannons! Wow.

So glad you are dancing with us!

I thought I was already following you! BUT now I am :) *waves*

XmasDolly said...

OH BOY! GET DOWN WIT YOUR BAD SELF! I gotta tell you Dave had a bass player that had a voice like this guy naturally! You should've heard them when they did TNT! Close your eyes, and you thought you were at one of their concerts! Gonna tell the hubby about this one for sure! Okay, off to find more peoples too play! WHERE'S EVERYBODY AT????

~ Noelle said...

you and marc would love listening to music together :)

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