Sunday, June 4, 2006

Warmer Weather is Here

Hello everyone! The weather here is getting hotter -- it's around 90 every day now, and 70 at night. Fortunately we ARE finally getting some rain though, it's great for the grass and the flowers we planted. We went to EPCOT for the international flower show - it was really incredible.
The Mickey Mommas had our May "meeting" at EPCOT where we saw Davy Jones, while we were all wearing different colored monkey hats. We gave one to Davy and he wore it during one song! It was fabulous!

Bill's grandson is finally home from the hospital and doing very well. He weighs almost 5 pounds and is eating heartily! Debbie had to have her gall bladder out, so she is even more sore than she was before, but Del is taking time off from work to help both her and the baby. We will be going up to Connecticut for Nik's graduation and we can't wait to hold the baby.
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