Friday, November 3, 2006

Halloween 2006

Well, Halloween has just ended, and sadly there were not as many displays in town as last year. The trolley went out of service during the summer, so there was no longer a tour of Halloween houses, causing less decorations. Of course, we decorated our house.

We also decorated the dry cleaners where Bill works.

I went to the store to help Bill pass out candy and we got our first trick-or-treaters at 4:23pm. We closed at 6:00 and had given candy to about 20 kids. According to the people who live in the downtown area, there were thousands, yes, thousands of kids through downtown by 9:00pm.

When we got home, our next door neighbor's grandchildren were waiting for us, I had made special baggies for them. Bill & I passed out candy to about 180 kids while we drank wine. We just about finished our second bottle when we ran out of candy. That's when our neighbors, Tom & Mitzi, came over to visit -- they had just finished off their 2nd bottle of wine. We had a terrific time. Halloween down here is SO much different than up north!!

EPCOT International Food & Wine Fest

EPCOT is having its International Food & Wine Festival during October & November, and we have already gone twice. There is such wonderful food and so many different kinds of wine to try.

We made the mistake of trying too many different kinds of food on one visit -- our stomachs were none too happy! But it was still a great day -- and we will be going back again!

We also went to a BEER TASTING sponsored by Samuel Adams -- it was very nice!!

We finished the evening off with champagne, chocolate, and a GORGEOUS sunset. It was a perfect day together!

Wedding of Nick & Eunjee Stewart

The weekend of Sept. 9th we went up to Boston for Bill's nephew Nick's wedding. We stayed with Bill's sister, Judie, and flew back on 9/12. It was wonderful getting to spend time with Judie, she is always so much fun, and the wedding was beautiful. Here are some pictures from the Rehearsal Dinner:

Nik & Eunjee; Bill and his nephew Nick; Nick and his dad, Doug, and Judie.

The wedding took place on Sunday, Sept. 10th (which was also OPENING DAY for the NY Giants -- I TIVO'd it!!) -- which turned out to be a bright sunny day - but the temperature was so cold -- at least to us, our blood has thinned!
The ceremony was beautiful -- Nick's dad, Doug, got a special certificate from the governor of Massachusetts to have the power to officiate at the wedding. It was a very sweet thing.

The food and drink at both the rehearsal and wedding was delicious. After the wedding, we went to the Marriott, where the wedding party was staying and had more drinks (and got to see the end of the Giants game!), and fun with Judie and the gang.

Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Stewart Wedding, cont'd.....

Eunjee looked gorgeous -- she had 3 different outfits: a white wedding gown she wore for the ceremony, a beautiful ceremonial gown she wore for part of the reception, and a pretty white dress for the rest of the reception.

Bill, Judie and I looked pretty good, too, If I do say so myself !
We had a wonderful time and are so happy for Nick & Eunjee!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Disney World with Alex

We were, able to take Alex to all four parks in Disney World while he was down. We had a fabulous time. While my favorite park is still Magic Kingdom (I'm just a big kid and heart) Alex's favorite is MGM Studios. He absolutely LOVES the fact that we are literally 10 min. away -- door to door! Here is me and my "baby" in EPCOT... As you can tell, this is Bill and Alex at the Animal Kingdom.
Here we are at MY favorite - Magic Kingdom. Here he is being silly at MGM -- that is a bust of WALT that he is "goofing" with.

We were all exhausted every day when we got home, but it was a GOOD exhaustion! I really miss all the kids and can't wait until they can come back down. We are hoping for Christmas.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Summer's Over

Hey everyone....sorry it took so long to update, but summer was soooo busy! We had a terrific time at the Independence Day celebration downtown with our friends Tony & Barb and the Eldredge family. We ate and drank and watched a terrific fireworks display.
It is really great living in this town!

The kids were down in July/August, Nik & Bri were here for 2 weeks and Alex was here for 5 weeks. We had a terrific time!! We went to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure theme parks, plus Seaworld and Busch Gardens with all the kids. We had SOOOO much fun.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

We were up in Connecticut the end of June for Nikolaus' graduation. Can you believe my baby is all grownup? He is getting to be so handsome, of course, I'm not at all partial!

In the picture with us is Nik's girlfriend, Brianne. She is so sweet, we really like her. She will be coming down for a visit when the boys come down this summer. She and Nik will be here for 2 weeks, they need to get back because Nik has work and they both need to get ready for college. Alex will be coming down for a month -- I can't wait to see them all again. Our trip up north was way too short, we only got to see the kids the day of the graduation.
We flew into Boston, MA so we could visit Bill's sister Judie -- we spent the night at her condo, and got to see her, Nick and his fiance' Eunjee Kim. She and Nick are getting married in September, we are going back up to Boston for the wedding.

We also got to spend some time with Del & Debbie and their new baby, Colby. He is so cute, and Del & Deb couldn't be happier. I got to hold him for awhile -- he is so little, I don't remember my boys ever being that small. Of course they were huge babies. Debbie is tired, naturally, but looks great, they all seem so happy & content. We spent an afternoon with Bill's daughter, Denise and her family, they are all growing up so fast, too. Traveling was annoying (much too long to get home), but overall, we had a great time.

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Warmer Weather is Here

Hello everyone! The weather here is getting hotter -- it's around 90 every day now, and 70 at night. Fortunately we ARE finally getting some rain though, it's great for the grass and the flowers we planted. We went to EPCOT for the international flower show - it was really incredible.
The Mickey Mommas had our May "meeting" at EPCOT where we saw Davy Jones, while we were all wearing different colored monkey hats. We gave one to Davy and he wore it during one song! It was fabulous!

Bill's grandson is finally home from the hospital and doing very well. He weighs almost 5 pounds and is eating heartily! Debbie had to have her gall bladder out, so she is even more sore than she was before, but Del is taking time off from work to help both her and the baby. We will be going up to Connecticut for Nik's graduation and we can't wait to hold the baby.
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