Friday, November 3, 2006

Wedding of Nick & Eunjee Stewart

The weekend of Sept. 9th we went up to Boston for Bill's nephew Nick's wedding. We stayed with Bill's sister, Judie, and flew back on 9/12. It was wonderful getting to spend time with Judie, she is always so much fun, and the wedding was beautiful. Here are some pictures from the Rehearsal Dinner:

Nik & Eunjee; Bill and his nephew Nick; Nick and his dad, Doug, and Judie.

The wedding took place on Sunday, Sept. 10th (which was also OPENING DAY for the NY Giants -- I TIVO'd it!!) -- which turned out to be a bright sunny day - but the temperature was so cold -- at least to us, our blood has thinned!
The ceremony was beautiful -- Nick's dad, Doug, got a special certificate from the governor of Massachusetts to have the power to officiate at the wedding. It was a very sweet thing.

The food and drink at both the rehearsal and wedding was delicious. After the wedding, we went to the Marriott, where the wedding party was staying and had more drinks (and got to see the end of the Giants game!), and fun with Judie and the gang.

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