Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rachael Ray 10-Piece Cookware Giveaway

Thanks to Annette at Fairy Blog Mother, I have this great giveaway to tell you about.... It is over at a new blog that she told me about it is called Nanny Goats in Panties
Isn't that the cutest name for a blog??
Well, Margaret has a great giveaway for a 10-piece Rachael Ray cookware set. It is a really great set, that I would actually like to win, but I get an extra entry if I blog about it, so here I am telling YOU all about it. So, go on over to Nanny goats in Panties and see how you can get a chance to win.
Oh, but don't let Annette over at Fairy Blog Mother know that I blogged about it, SHE thinks she is gonna win it, but I told her that she doesn't stand a chance!! :-)
Until next time..... Lorie

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jamar Labs Prize Package Giveaway - Ends 8/7/09

Jamar Labs understands that the skin on your face is different than the skin on your hands and.... most definitely different than the skin on your feet. They've developed wipes to meet the needs of different parts of your body!

Wipe Your Feet

Wipe Your Face

Wipe Your Hands

These are the three products that Valerie over at Sweeps 4 Bloggers is giving away:

These products look amazing... go on over to her site and read her review and find out how you can win not just one of the products, but ALL THREE... in both travel size and full size.

Good luck..... until next time..... Lorie

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Debbie 100 Calorie Snacks Review & Giveaway

If you love snacking as much as I do, but don't need the fat and calories -- as much as I don't..... I've discovered something that you may enjoy......
Little Debbie now has 100 calorie snacks.
And they even come in CHOCOLATE....mmmmmmm!!!!

Shannon over at The Mommy-Files has done a review and is offering a giveaway of a sampler pack to 3 lucky people -- hopefully I will be one of them!!
Just go over to her blog, read her review,
wipe off the drool, then follow the directions on how to enter....

Good luck... until next time..... Lorie

Ruby Tuesday

Spring Time in Disney World

Adorable Bows for Your Cutie! Georgia Blue GIVEAWAY

Win $25 of bows for your little cutie! Which in my case is, of course, NANO!!!

My friend, Felicia, over at Go Graham Go has an incredible giveaway from Georgia Blue in which one person will win the most adorable bows that are hand made by a stay at home mother of four. They are so cute, that you will want them all! So go on over to Go Graham Go to find out how you can win these bows, and while you are there, check out the rest of Felicia's site so you can see all of her other reviews, posts and giveaways. She is a great writer and has the most adorable little boy, I'm sure you will find something that you will enjoy reading...... I do, every day!!

Good luck..... until next time..... Lorie

Monday, July 27, 2009

TWO More Awards - I Can't Believe It!!

I was so shocked when I received word from Tim over at Fort Tompson Blogspot, ( that I was the recipient of TWO more blog award, I was speechless!! I really cannot believe it, within 2 days, I received 3 blog awards.

I am overwhelmed by the support I have received for my blog that I have been reduced to tears. Now don't you all, or as we say down here in the south: ya'll start laughing at me, because, The Hubs had me begin blogging a little to occupy my mind while I recovered from my spinal surgery. He thought I could enter a few sweepstakes, like he does, but he thought I was a better writer than he was, so he had me enter the blog sweepstakes. I found that although I enjoyed entering, and oh, yes, WINNING, the sweepstakes, I REALLY enjoyed learning about people and their families ON the blogs. And, I truly enjoyed interacting with these people all over the country and all over the world -- a shout out to you Grace...

So, as I lie on the couch in pain, trying not to move too much with the laptop entering sweeps and learning, laughing, and crying about other people and their families, I found that I wanted to do more with my own blog that had just been sitting there for years. So with the help of other people that I met through blogging, thank you Crystal and Felicia, I was able to fix up and upgrade my blog and make it a little prettier. And look at me now... three awards in 2 days (o.k., so 1 calls me a whore, but I'll take it... thank you very much Amanda).

So, now onto my awards.... and here are the rules for the Awards:

1. Include the award logo in your blog or post.
2. Nominate as many blogs which you like.
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

The first award is the "Adorable Blog" award, which I truly appreciate and I know just who I have to pass this onto... I pass this to the following people:

- Felicia at Go Graham Go Blog (
- Piera at The Jolly Mom Blog (
- Paige at The Nurse Mommy Blog (
- Ryann at A Working Blogging Mommy, and last but definitely NOT least (
- Crystal at Simply Being Mommy: my very first follower!!! (

The next award I got, I don't even know if I deserve... but it is the "Uplifting Blogger" award. Thank you Tim for this one, I hope I have, in some way uplifted someone, some where's day at sometime. I know there are a lot of you out there who have helped me heal by just leaving a comment on my blog - just knowing that someone ACTUALLY reads what I write is amazing. So this award I pass onto:

-Crystal at Simply Being Mommy ( again she was there for me from day one
- Felicia at Go Graham Go ( she always says such nice things
- Kaye at J. Kaye's Book Blog ( : she always responds to comments on her blog - I wanna be like Kaye
- Amanda at My Kids Might be Martians ( : she can always make me laugh; and lastly
-Maria at Maria's Space ( : she is so inspirational she has been through a LOT, but she has such love to give and it can be seen through her children and her photographs

So, Tim, thank you so much for the awards, and I hope I have done you justice in my paying them forward....
Until next time.... Lorie

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I'm so excited, I got my first award to post on my blog!!!! It came from my friend Amanda over at My Kids Might be Martians. It is one of my favorite blogs - she has the greatest sense of humor, especially when it comes to raising kids.

Now when you go visit her site -- and believe me, you MUST do so -- don't be expecting any June Cleaver or Marion Cunningham (depending on your frame of reference) motherly advice. Think more along the lines of Peg Bundy mixed with a little Roseanne Connor - no offense Amanda. She has the greatest stories and the most adorable kids, and she is a REAL person. Not one of these, "I know everything and I can DO everything and my kids are the best in the world" type of people. She knows life is tough, kids misbehave, the toilet breaks at the worst time, and yet through it all, if you can laugh at yourself and love each other anyway..... you will make it through -- at least until the kids turn 18 and then you can move to New Zealand (Amanda's theory).

So, anyway, about my award..... look over on my left sidebar, I have been graced with....TADA.... a crown (perfect for me because The Hubs calls me his Princess - let's keep the laughter to a minimum, please!) for being..... are you ready..... a "Comment Whore"! My mom would be so proud...... (That is, if she were speaking to me.) O.K. so it's not the Nobel Peace Prize, but it is my first, and I ADORE IT, so thank you so much Amanda, and I'll be over to your blog every day to continue to earn my royal title!!

So, my loyal subjects.... my first royal proclamation is for you all to go over to Amanda's site, My Kids Might be Martians, and visit her to see how wonderful she really is!! I command you! Please go, I'm sure you'll like it, really....

Until next time..... Lorie

Saturday, July 25, 2009

I'm NOT at BlogHer Either....... :-(

This is my own little "Pity Party" because I am NOT in Chicago with all (o.k. MOST) of the other bloggers who are anybody (sorry to those of you like me who are also home). They are out there partying, learning, swag swapping, etc. I'm home trying to catch up on my 100+ emails.... But I am here with The Hubs and my little Nano, the loves of my life!!

Shannon over at The Mommy-Files has graciously added Mr. Linky so we can give each other support while we are at home "licking our wounds" because we couldn't be there. So if you are home this weekend, go on over and post your link so we can give each other some "comment love".

Have a great weekend. Until next time..... Lorie

Questions on Blog Design?????

Have you got any questions on blog design, or how to put a button on your sidebar, or even how to create a button of your own?


I really don't know how to do much of that stuff. But my friend Felicia over at Go Graham Go has a new feature at her blog called "Ask Go Graham Go". She is one smart Momma!!! I don't know how she does it all -- but she has the most adorable little boy, and she runs an extremely successful blog, and she seems to have all the answers to these and MANY more questions. So, if you have any questions, just click on the link and go to her blog and ASK AWAY!!! I'm sure she will be able to help, and if she doesn't know, she will find someone who will. She is wonderful!!

Until next time....... Lorie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Sue - I Miss You

Have you ever had a friend that you knew would always be there when you needed her no matter what? Well I have... Let me tell you about my best friend Sue.....

Sue and I have been best friends for 30 years!! I used to babysit her little kids when I was in my late teens. Sue got married the first time when she was WAY too young and then got divorced young from an abusive husband. I envied her strength in her ability to do that. She has always amazed me in her ability to pick herself up and carry on, despite the horrible things thrown at her.

She then met her second husband and had two more children and I got married and had two children. We were always there for each other, like during the births of each others' children,usually the first ones there after the babies were born (sometimes before the rest of the family) and the first one there if there was a question or when something exciting happened.

Then whenever there was a problem, all there had to be was a phone call, there didn't even have to be more than the voice of the other one saying ones name. She would say, "Lorie" or I would say, "Sue." The next words out of the other persons mouth would be, "I'll be right there!" And we would, for as long as was needed. We were there for each other's divorce, which were actually within 6 months of each others -- funny how that works, but we were in it together and we survived together.

Now it was her kids' turn to babysit my kids, so I could get back on my feet, again, with Sue's help, and learn to love again. Mend my destroyed heart and soul... and I did. I found Bill and Sue was right there to stand beside me as Bill and I exchanged vows and pledged to be man and wife. I was there standing beside Sue as she and Dennis did the same (unfortunately she wasn't as lucky with Dennis as I was with Bill). I was there, though, with the promise to smack her up side the head if she EVER decided to get married again!!

When I moved to Florida, Sue was there on that last day as I packed up my house and drove out of the driveway -- both of us with tears in our eyes. We continued to call, write, send cards and emails. It didn't happen as much as it should have, but we always were in touch. I was there when her mom died, and she called me immediately when my dad passed. Every birthday, hers in July and mine in December, we passed along our "Friendship Ball", a sterling silver ornament that has a hinge that we would wrap up in this little blue bag - that was falling apart, being held together by tape - that we had put inside a small trinket of our friendship. The important part was the ball, which would be hung up in a special place of honor in our house during the 6 months while in our possession. It was a wonderful thing we shared.

Then 3 months ago, the unthinkable happened.... I got a phone call from Sue's middle daughter, Kim. I knew that couldn't be good! Sue was in the hospital.... not doing well at all, she had been hiding her sickness from me, I had just gotten a card from her in March for my wedding anniversary with no word that she wasn't feeling well (WTF). She had kidney cancer that had traveled to her lungs (already had TWO courses of chemo - never told me!!) and it had now metastasized and she was in heart failure..... OH GOD..... they weren't giving her much time...... OH NO, I can't handle this..... she probably doesn't have more than a few days, maybe a week..... I'm beginning to hyperventilate...... She just wanted me to know that she loves me and always will........

O.K..... now I have to stay calm and let Kim know that it is alright, I'm alright, and I love them all -- they are my family. But, there is no way that I can make it up to Connecticut, I've had spinal surgery 6 weeks ago and cannot fly. Now, I feel even worse..... my best friend is dying and I cannot get to see her before it happens and wont make it to the funeral. Kim assures me that they all understand and that she will let Sue know how I feel and tell her that I love her (when did Kim become a grown-up?). I know in my heart that she knows -- she feels it as deeply as I do, and neither one of us will ever forget everything we have been through, and all the wonderful things we have done and the fun we have shared!!

Three days later, I get another call from Kim.... I begin to cry as I am answering the phone..... I feel it before I can say "hello"..... Sue is gone, from this world, but NEVER from my heart!!!

Today is Sue's birthday..... So Sue..... Happy Birthday.... I love you and I miss you, and I will never forget you!!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Share our Strength-No Kid Hungry

This post comes courtesy of my blogger friends Melinda & Rob at Look what Mom Found...and Dad, Too For more information on this project and links to how YOU can do your part or to donate to this fabulous organization, PLEASE, PLEASE click on the above link!!

"Share Our Strength® is a national organization that works hard to make sure no kid in America grows up hungry. They are working with communities, volunteers and supporters like you to catch children at risk and surround them with nutritious food and programs that allow easier access to this food. More than 12.4 million kids were at risk of going hungry last year, that’s over 17% of all of our children. I’m not talking kids who missed a snack or didn’t get dessert I’m talking about children who are missing meals due to poverty and have limited access to nutritious food.

Severe hunger and malnutrition causes significant and long-lasting damage and difficulties including physical, mental and developmental delays and disabilities.

• Impedes growth and development

• More illness, including stomach- and headaches, colds, ear infections and fatigue
• Poorer mental health
• More hospitalizations
• Greater susceptibility to obesity and its harmful health consequences
• More aggressive behavior
• Higher levels of hyperactivity, anxiety and/or passivity
• Difficulty getting along with other children
• Greater need for mental health services
• Have impaired cognitive functioning and diminished capacity to learn
• Achieve lower test scores and overall school performance
• Repeat a grade
• Experience school absences, tardiness and school suspensions

Severe hunger causes more than just stomach grumbles. Why is childhood hunger an issue these days? One contributing factor is over 37% of US households are at or below the poverty level. This can cause an inadequate standard of living, forcing families to make cut backs on necessities like food, health care and education. Share our Strength is determined to end childhood hunger by implementing programs such as Share Our Strength’s Taste of the Nation® , Share Our Strength’s Great American Bake Sale® , Share Our Strength’s A Tasteful Pursuit® , Share Our Strength’s Great American Dine Out™ and Share Our Strength’s Operation Frontline®. If you aren't able to get involved in any of these programs a small financial donation can go really far.
$35.00 - Help feed a child three meals a day for more than a month.
$50.00 - Help provide preschool children with lunch for a day.
$100.00 Provide 25 bags of nutritious foods for a family at a food bank.
$250.00 - Could help connect over 9,300 families to free meal programs
$1,000.00 - Could provide over 24,000 glasses of milk to a school

Get involved in your own community today. Participate in your neighborhood events or even better organize an event such as a community bake sale. Support the 12.4 million children in need. "

Thank you so much for giving me your time for these few minutes, with OUR help, maybe one more child will go to bed today with a full stomach, and not have to worry about what's going to happen to her/him tomorrow.... Thank you Melinda, Rob, and all of you...

Until next time....... Lorie

Wicked Wines

For those of you who like unique wines and are interested in books like Dracula and Twilight, have I got a website for you!!!!!
The Hubs found this website and sent it to me because he knows of my love of red wines and that I like to try new and interesting ones.
This led him to send me to Wiked Wines Online .
Two of my favorites are Syrah and Zinfandel,
which led me directly to the
Meet Dracula Special
I ordered it today, and cannot wait to get it.... I'll let you know how it is.
Take a look around their site,
they have books, clothing, CHOCOLATE, and much more...
it is really cool -- have fun.
Until next time.......... Lorie

Monday, July 20, 2009

Health Update -- Part II

Well, I guess Bill isn't as healthy as we thought.... Damn!!

We had a visit with his urologist last Thursday and after an x-ray, the kidney stone in his right side is NOT completely gone.... there is STILL a pretty good size piece lodged in one of the branches of the kidney that does not appear to be moving!! What that means is that he needs to go in for another round of lythotripsy..... crap!! If we leave it there, it will only get bigger and start to cause more problems again like pain and severe infection. We certainly don't want to go through that again..... the PICC catheter, I.V. antibiotics, and all that business: NO THANK YOU!!

So in the middle of August, when the machine is available at Celebration Hospital again, we go back for more "blasting" of his kidney. My poor sweetie..... let's hope and pray this is the last of it for a while....... I mean it's only been since, what, NOVEMBER.

Thanks for letting me bitch...... And, oh yea, I STILL haven't gotten an answer from the insurance company about my physical therapy...... Who says we have a health care problem in this country????

Until next time......... Lorie

Sunday Stealing -- A Day Late, sorry......

Thanks to Annette at Fairy Blog Mother... Here is my Sunday Stealing Meme... albeit a day late:

Sunday Stealing: The Heretic Meme

1. Who was the last person of the opposite sex you lay in a bed with?
Of course it's Bill (aka The Hubs) and Nano (The Yorkie), he sleeps between us

2. Where was the last place you went out to eat?
The Outback

3. What was the last alcoholic beverage you consumed?
A Vodka Martini with 2 Queen Tipsy Olives ( 4 days ago)

4. Which do you prefer - eyes or lips?
Eyes - the windows to the soul (just being corny) but I really do like eyes!!

5. Medicine, fine arts, or law?
Medicine, of course, I used to be in the field

6. Best kind of pizza?
Stuffed crust with sausage and black olives

7. What is in store for your future?
Hopefully better health for both of us....

8. Who was the last band you saw live?
Journey.... at the House of Blues..... they still Rock!!

9. Do you take care of your friends while they are sick?
All my friends are far away.... or in the Blogosphere so I care for them over the web.

10. How many songs are on your iPod?
I don't have an iPod, but The Hubs has 180 songs on his.

11. Where is the last place you drove to?
I think it was to book club 2 months ago, I don't drive very much anymore, The Hubs and I spend pretty much all our time together and he does almost all the driving.

12. Where did your last kiss take place?
In bed this morning after The Hubs brought me breakfast (as he does every morning).

13. What were you doing at 11:59 PM on Monday night?
Blogging on the laptop in bed and watching Dave Letterman (God I miss Jay Leno).

14. Are you a quitter?
I try not to be -- not really sure, unless you call quitting on my first marriage, but that was absolutely necessary!!

15. Who was the last person you had in your house?
The UPS man - Ken, yes, we are on a first name basis and Nano loves him; as for real house guests: my sister-in-law, her son and his wife.

15. What do you think about people who party a lot?
God, I must be old!! I used to be like that......
16. Does talking about sex make you uncomfortable?
Depends on who it is with...........

17. What was the last CD you purchased?
The new AC/DC album for The Hubs as a gift

18. What are two bands or singers that you will always love?
The King: Elvis Presley (he's NOT dead, you know) and STYXX

19. Which of the seven deadly sins are you guilty of?
Lust and Envy

20. How is your last ex doing?
I don't know and I don't give a flying ****!!!! As long as he has nothing to do with me, The Hubs or the boys ever again -- that's enough for me!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit | Review and Giveaway

Recently, I broke the carafe of my coffee maker and had to replace it -- to the tune of $25.00.
Because of the nerve damage in my neck, I sometimes lose the feeling in my hands and drop things, like coffee carafes, and glasses, and lots of other things that break.

I was fortunate to find a great review on a blog I regularly read called The Dirty Shirt for a terrific coffee maker from Hamilton Beach ( Not only does Jennifer write a fabulous review for the BrewStation® Summit 12 Cup Coffeemaker, she has one to giveaway!!! YEAH!!!

Just head on over to her blog by clicking on this link to read Jennifer's review and find out how you can enter the giveaway. Good luck......

Until next time...... Lorie
PHOTO COURTESY: Hamilton Beach

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tarte Cosmetics Giveaway

All right, lets face it (no pun intended), I love make-up. Especially if it is unique, special, or, in this case, health and nourshing!
Over at Frugal Mommy of 2 Girls,
a really fantastic blog,
one that I follow for its terrific content.....
Karen is giving away one Tarte Cosmetics -
eye couture day-to-night eyeshadow palette.

It is so beautiful, that I REALLY want to win it,
but I had to share it with you because I couldn't keep it to myself.
You have to check out the Tarte Cosmetics website to see what else they have available, it really is amazing.

Please go over to Karen's blog and look around,
I'm sure you'll have a good time,
plus you can see how to enter the Tarte Cosmetics giveaway.

Until next time...... Lorie

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Health Update

Just thought I'd let you know how we've been doing physically......
Bill's gall bladder has seemed to settle down and the gallstones don't seem to bother him anymore. He went through the lythotripsy very well -- a few days of pain afterwards, but he seems to have passed all the kidney stones...... HOORAY!!! He is finally over his infection and no longer needs to have I.V. antibiotics, thank god, that was a real drag!! So, barring anything else, he is in GOOD HEALTH, finally! It only took five long months.....

As for me...... I am slowly recovering from my spinal surgery. I had a lumbar decompression with fusion, and had titanium screws and rods implanted in February. Now, I am just trying to get the insurance to approve physical therapy at a reasonable facility -- we sure do need health care reform in this country!! I am able to walk around the block once a day now, with the assistance of a cane, so I can go with Bill when he takes Nano for his walk. Also, I go grocery shopping with Bill (and Nano, in his little carry-bag) on Friday, as long as we are not out too long. If we are going to be out and about for any length of time, I still need to be in a wheelchair. Bill has been absolutely wonderful through all this. For the first two weeks after I got home from the hospital after surgery (I was in the hospital for 5 days), Bill had to do EVERYTHING. He does just about everything as it is now, but he had to do all the cooking on top of it, THAT was a challenge. He has never been one to cook at all, so it was really difficult. I would be lying on the couch telling him what to do step by step and he would follow instructions and turn out wonderful meals. He really was (and still is) magnificent. I got so lucky when I found and married him. Whenever I think of him, I am reminded of the song from "The Sound of Music", when Maria says, "Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good."

So, back to my health..... It should be another couple of months before I am up and around without the cane and walking more frequently, but the neurosurgeon said that I will never be 100% healed. Once this is as healed as it can be, then I have to have my neck worked on, that ought to be fun..... So for now, it is working on getting better with walking, physical therapy (as soon as I can get it approved), and swimming.

Until next time.......... Lorie

Monday, July 13, 2009 Review and Giveaway

Any of you who know me know that I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!

So I was thrilled when I saw this giveaway at Val's Views

It is for some DELICIOUS looking cookies that include a CHOCOLATE FUDGE cookie from a company called .

You have to go over to Valerie's blog site to check out her review and see what she and her family thought of these cookies (the photos look yummy) and find out how you could win a $25.00 gift certificate to get your choice of cookies.

Just remember, if you do win, I told you about it, so PLEASE, give me a chocolate one!!

Until next time.......... Lorie

Saturday, July 11, 2009

OFF! Power Pad Lamp | Review and Giveaway

For a week now I've been blogging about the new OFF! Power Pad Lamp and how much I want one....
Well, I found another place with a chance to WIN one. Just head on over to The Dirty Shirt blog
and read Jennifer's review,
then see how you could win one of these amazing lamps.

Good luck ........ Until next time.....Lorie

Picture Keeper - Review & Giveaway

I have about a zillion pictures on my computer -- o.k. maybe a slight exaggeration!! To save them on disc or other media is a real hassle..... until now!! There is a new device called Picture Keeper. It is a flash drive with software embedded directly on it to automatically seek out all the .jpg and .jpeg pictures on your computer and back them up.

Click on this link
to go over to the blog Momma in Flip Flops 2 and see Andrea's review and find out how you can see which size flash drive you need, get a 10% discount on your purchase and possibly even WIN one.

You will be amazed at this product..... go on over and have a look.

Until next time..... Lorie

Off Powerpad Lamp and Lantern Giveaway

I've found another blog site that has a giveaway for the Off! PowerPad Lamp and Lantern!!!
Isn't that terrific??? Another chance to get rid of those horrible mosquitoes!
This giveaway is courtesy of Tanya at Mommy Goggles
Just click on the link .... follow the directions ... and you are entered!!
Good luck.... Until next time.... Lorie

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Giveaway: purex giveaway

The Giveaway: purex giveaway

I've seen these Purex Complete 3-in-1 sheets on TV and they look wonderful!! Thanks to The Giveaway Blog, you have a chance to win a Starter Kit with 20 sheets. Good luck!!

Book Giveaway - Easy on the Eyes by Jane Porter - Ends 7/19/09

Here is another fantastic book giveaway from my friend Valerie at sweeps4bloggers

This is a book that will be a pure joy for anyone reaching a "certain" age. As Valerie says on her blog: "Hooray! Another fun summer read from Hachette! While my life is far from Hollywood glamour, I found myself relating to the main character who is facing head on the physical and emotional changes that come with age. It's an enjoyable and entertaining novel."

I really think this is something that I would truly enjoy .... as would all my friends. So, click on the link for the sweeps4bloggers site and follow the instructions to enter the giveaway and good luck.............
Until next time.......... Lorie.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

MomTrends Lands End Giveaway 7/31/09

The great blog MomTrends and Lands' End has combined to provide this terrific summer giveaway for a $100.00 gift certificate to one of her readers for any product at Lands' End.
All you have to do is go over to MomTrends at this link
and follow the instructions to enter the giveaway.
There are lots of terrific things for you to pick. Like this fabulous bag:

Good luck............ Until next time...... Lorie


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Award Winning Wines Help Fund Breast Cancer Research and Treatments

I took this post from a wonderful blog called {mom fuse}
Please go to their site and look around.... they have some really fabulous information, review and giveaways.
This post is about a terrific company that I wanted to share, please read:

Within the first minute of speaking to Budge Brown, I knew he had a passion for breast cancer awareness. If you’ve never heard of Mr. Brown, maybe you have heard of his winery, Cleavage Creek. The winery was created with the intent of contributing significantly towards breast cancer research and awareness.

Breast cancer is a topic that he knows well, as his wife was a victim of breast cancer. The Cleavage Creek website includes a tab for “choices,” which provides women with information regarding different ways to fight breast cancer. Many of those include natural alternatives that many women have reported successful to date.

Since the wineries inception, wine sales have contributed $56,000 towards research and treatment of this disease.

$30,000 went to the Integrative Oncology Research Center in Kenmore, WA. This center offers naturopathic and traditional Chinese medical treatments as well as integrated management of cancer patients.

$14,000 went to care for two breast cancer patients at the Integrative Oncology Research Center. Both patients are doing well after the treatment and are returning to their normal activities.

$11,800 went to Sutter Breast Cancer Center in Santa Rosa, CA. This center purchased an MRI system that detects tumors not typically identified in mammograms.

Choosing recipients is a partnership between Budge Brown and the proposed need or center. He has to feel sure that there will be positive results and the need is pure. He has seen a significant impact from all of the winery’s donations. As of last month, all fifty women that were treated at the Oncology Research Center in Washington completed their treatment successfully. The center opened in February, 2009.

I asked Budge where he got the idea of raising awareness and funding research through wine sales. He told me that he has been growing grapes for 30 years. His daughter found the Cleavage Creek label for sale. They decided to automatically take 10% off the top of the sales for breast cancer research but have actually donated significantly more!

The Cleavage Creek website includes information regarding those donations and updates on the beneficiaries. Purchasing their wine is a win for everyone, you get a great bottle of wine and much of the proceeds go towards an excellent cause.

I am sure you are wondering about the wines. I think the medals speak for themselves. The winery took 19 medals so far this year alone! Budge assured me that all the wines are treated with extra attention and they only bottle from their best barrels. Their wines include:

2006 Reserve Napa Cabernet Sauvignon
2006 Reserve Napa Petite Sirah
2006 Cabernet-Syrah
2007 Reserve Chardonnay
2006 Secret Red Blend
2007 Secret White Blend

Wines range between $12-$50 dollars. All of the wines are produced in Budge’s vineyards. He also offers us a tip: when enjoying Cleavage Creek wines, you need to be sure to decant them for one hour prior to drinking. This allows them to open up and get the very best out of the wine.

An interesting aspect of the wines is the labels. Each woman featured on the bottles, is a breast cancer survivor. The women are not paid to be on the label but they do this to support the cause. The women and the wine each have their own, unique story.

The winery itself is growing. Construction is starting on a tasting room and wine shop in the Pope Valley region of Napa Valley. There are gardens on the property and an additional garden and nature walk is being planned.

I encourage you to purchase their wines the next time you are looking to buy. You will get to enjoy award winning wines as well as give back to a good cause.

For more information about Cleavage Creek, visit them at:

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

High IntenCity: Charm It! Charm Bracelet Giveaway

High IntenCity has a great offer for one of the readers of
the chance to win the adorable bracelet above.
Take a look at their site to see all the adorable items available.
It's never too early to start Christmas shopping...
think stocking stuffers!!!
Here's what the company has to say:
"This year we embark on sixteen years in business and invite you to share in our year long Super Sweet Sixteen celebration! We are delighted to have you visit our site. At High IntenCity, we are driven by super-fun fashion styling, incredible quality, superior customer service, and - above all - the highest product safety. We look forward to providing you with all of the above and beyond!"
So go on over to The Funky Monkey for your chance to win.... and take a look at the rest of her adorable site, I'm sure you'll find lots of stuff to enjoy.
Good luck with the giveaway......
Until next time......... Lorie

ANOTHER Chance for Off! PowerPad Lap - Giveaway

Thanks to the fabulous blog Mudpies & Mary Janes.... Here is another chance for you to win the Off! PowerPad Lamp to get rid of those HORRIBLE mosquitos while you are outside. Just click on this link to find out how you can win. Here is a little bit of the post:

"The OFF! PowerPad Lamp is a heat activated pad that repels mosquitoes up to 225 square feet. Last year, we built a brick patio and the OFF! PowerPad Lamp seemed to cover my entire patio and then some. The lamp was very easy to use. You simply slip the OFF! Pad into the top of the lamp and then you light the candle underneath. The heat from the candle warms the pad which releases a repellent. This scent-free lamp needs to be placed upwind because it does create smoke. OFF! also offers a PowerPad Lantern which includes a four-foot-tall shepard’s hook which you can place next to your patio or deck."

Good Luck.......... Until next time, Lorie

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

OFF! PowerPad Lamp & Lantern (Giveaway)

O.K. I'll just say it out loud: I HATE MOSQUITOS!!!!!

There, I got it off my chest. I feel better for saying it.... but the problem is, they REALLY like me! I mean REALLY!!! They can find me no matter where I am..... So I was very excited to find this giveaway at An Island Review for the chance to win an Off! PwerPad Lamp & Lantern

According to Kailani over at An Island Review: "What I really liked about the PowerPad Lamp & Lantern is that not only does it look visually pleasing but I was also able to use it as a lantern by using the enclosed 4 foot pole. This gave me piece of mind because I knew it would be out of the reach of my children and pets. So if you’re looking for a way to keep mosquitoes away from your family this summer, check out OFF! PowerPad Lamp & Lantern. Your family will thank you!"

So head on over to Kailani's site to find out how you can enter the giveaway.... and keep those horrible mosquitos away from your family...... Good Luck!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summertime Nail Lacquer Supports Worthy Cause

The following is from my fellow blogger at "The Dirty Shirt"
We all love those summer manis and pedis, but wouldn’t they be even sweeter if you knew you were helping someone else simply by picking up a bottle of your favorite nail lacquer?

Look Good…Feel Better, a national public service program that helps women cope with appearance-related changes from cancer treatment, and OPI, the world leader in professional nail care, are both celebrating their 20th anniversaries this year. OPI launched its nail lacquers 20 years ago, the same year Look Good…Feel Better conducted its first workshop. To celebrate, the two organizations are launching a new summer promotion that truly makes a difference.

During July and August, OPI will contribute a portion of the proceeds of every bottle of its top-selling Bubble Bath Nail Lacquer sold, with a minimum contribution of $25,000, to Look Good…Feel Better.

The OPI Bubble Bath Nail Lacquer benefiting Look Good…Feel Better will be available in at least 10,000 participating salons and retail locations nationwide beginning this July.

In honor of its 20th anniversary, Look Good…Feel Better is asking women cancer survivors to submit their stories of how the program helped them cope with cancer as a way to inspire others who may currently be undergoing cancer treatment. Entries will be featured on the Women of Hope is Beautiful blog to help inspire others. Anyone can visit the site to view entries, make comments and show their support. In August, Look Good…Feel Better will choose five women with the most-compelling stories to receive a trip to New York City for a makeover and a trip to the DreamBall, a black-tie gala and the program’s largest annual fundraiser, held each year in New York City. Click here for more about the campaign or to enter!

EarthWorks Pur-essence Review and Giveaway

Earthworks is giving one of you the chance to receive
a Sweet Lime Shower & Bath Gel and a Sweet Lime Body Lotion!
and find out how to enter.

If you're like me and you love citrus scented bath products, this giveaway is for you.....
and you need to check out the Earthworks website
where there are so many different "flavors" to chose from.

Good luck with the giveaway!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Giveaway - Better Life Green Cleaning Products Kit - Ends 7/15/09

Here is a chance to win a the Better Life Green Cleaning Starter Kit.

Just head over to sweeps4bloggers, a wonderful site that has terrific reviews and great giveaways (remember Nano's collapsible water bowl!!) by clicking on this link and get your chance to win the starter kit. Good Luck!!

The Better Life Starter kit contains:

(1) what-EVER Clary Sage & Citrus all-purpose cleaner (32 oz)

(1) I Can See Clearly, WOW! glass cleaner (32 oz)

(1) Simply Floored! ready-to-use floor cleaner (32 oz)

(1) Even the Kitchen Sink gentle scrubber (16 oz)

(1) Collapsible six-compartment cleaning caddy

(1) Euro Sponge

(1) Loofah Sponge (2 – pack)

Sweets for Swimsuit Weather......... Giveaway!!

Do you like to eat sweets, but still want to look good in you swimsuit this summer?

Well my friend Bridgette over at The Experimental Mommy has a fabulous giveaway for you. Just click on the link here and you could have a chance to win the new Little Debbie 100 calorie cakes.

They look so delicious, that I had a hard time chosing which flavor I would pick if I won -- but I would have to get the Lemon Cakes, because I love the tase of lemon in the summer. I think it is so fresh, plus we have a lemon tree in the back yard. Nice to live in Florida, huh??

While you are at Bridgette's site, take a look around, there are lots of things to look at and lots of things to learn - she has a great site...... and good luck with the giveaway.

Plus if you win, send me one will ya???

Goodies for Mom (and baby too!): Product Review/Giveaway: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canisters

Goodies for Mom (and baby too!): Product Review/Giveaway: Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Decor Canisters

Here is a chance to win coupons for the new beautiful Clorox Disinfecting Wipes Canisters. They can be used all over the house and looked great sitting on the counter. Just click on the link to go to the Goodies for Mom blog to see how to enter....
Good Luck............. Lorie

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Friday MEME

From "Storytime with Tonya and Friends" Blog

Friday, July 3, 2009
Friday 56: The Last Lecture
* Grab the book nearest you. Right now.
* Turn to page 56.
* Find the fifth sentence.
* Post that sentence (plus one or two others if you like) along with these instructions on your blog or (if you do not have your own blog) in the comments section of this blog.
*Post a link along with your post back to this blog.
* Don't dig for your favorite book, the coolest, the most intellectual.
Use the CLOSEST.
The book that was closest to me was one I have to return to a friend in my book club: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch. Here is what it says on page 56, fifth sentence:
NOTHING -- it is a blank page!!! Such is my life!!! :-) It's a good thing I have LOTS of books.
Happy 4th of July everyone......make it safe!


Wishing all my friends a family a very happy 4th of July!!! One of our traditions is to watch the movie "Independence Day" with Wil Smith and Jeff Goldblum - I always cry during that movie, even though I've seen it so many times (I'm such a wimp!!). My kids always laugh at me. Then we head downtown to take part in the wonderful festivities in Celebration: the food, the friendship, the fun, and of course the beautiful fireworks.

This year, it is especially moving as we are having a Community Covenant Signing in honor of our troops: (the following is taken from our community intranet provider)

"On July 4 Celebration will sign a Community Covenant signifying the community’s support for military service members and their families. In support of the covenant Celebration will adopt an Army unit. This program provides a supportive connection between the young men and women of the Armed Forces and the civilian communities they serve. Celebration will be adopting Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC), 2nd Battalion, 124th Infantry of the Florida National Guard. Their headquarters is in Orlando. They will be deployed to Kuwait and Iraq between January 2010 and January 2011.We will provide support to the soldiers and to their families while they are deployed. The covenant will be signed at 9:00 p.m. during the Flashback 4th of July event on Market Street."

Please take time out of your activities today to remember how we got our freedom and the men and women who gave their lives and are still serving today so that we can live our lives in the most wonderful country in the world.


Certain Dri Solid Giveaway - Ends July 15th


Thanks to Crystal over at Simply Being Mommy and Certain Dri Solid Anti-Perspiration one lucky person can be the recipient of one package of this fabulous product.

Certain Dri Solid Anti-Perspirant is specially formulated for those with sensitive skin and provides all day dryness from excessive underarm perspiration. It contains 25% aluminum sesquichlorohydrate and is the only over-the-counter anti-perspirant with this ingredient.

Just go over to Crystal's blog and enter for your chance to win.... in just might come in handy during these hot, humid days of summer!! :-)

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Giveaway - Bake Me A Wish Triple Chocolate Enrobed Brownie - Ends 7/12/09

According to Valerie at sweeps4bloggers "This has got to be the best brownie I have ever eaten! And... it's beautiful. And.... it was delivered in absolutely perfect condition in 90+ degree heat! "

Thanks to Valerie and Emilie at Baby Loving Mama see how you could possible win one of these delicious cakes....but only if I don't win it FIRST!!

Also, something very close to my heart, they participate in Operation: Birthday Cake which supports our troops. Check out the Bake Me a Wish website for details about that and information on "The Freedom Cake" which also goes to troops deployed overseas. Gotta love this company!!

Good Luck.......... Lorie


Bowls Of Hope - Let's Feed America!


Post’s “Bowls of Hope” program will help provide balanced breakfasts to struggling Americans – for every purchase of Post Shredded Wheat the company will donate one bowl of cereal to Feeding America, up to 15 million bowls.

The purchase of a Bowls of Hope specially-marked cereal will support Post’s efforts in donating a bowl of Post Shredded Wheat
cereal to Feeding America.
Please go on over to Annette at Fairy BlogMother's site to get all the details and find out how you can get involved.
Until next time........... Lorie

Softlips Giveaway (ends July 14, 2009)

Thanks to my good friend Crystal at Simply Being Mommy, you have a chance to at wonderful looking lips this summer by going over to her blog and checking out the giveaway for Softlips, a 100% USDA certified organic lip balm with SPF 20!

There is also a way for you to win $2,500 in cash, a years supply of Softlips and a possibility of being represented by a New York City Modeling Agency on her site, so make sure you read everything!

Take a look around, it is a GREAT site, with lots of fun stuff and interesting info besides all the terrific giveaways. Just remember who sent you there....... Good luck!!


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