Sunday, July 9, 2006

We were up in Connecticut the end of June for Nikolaus' graduation. Can you believe my baby is all grownup? He is getting to be so handsome, of course, I'm not at all partial!

In the picture with us is Nik's girlfriend, Brianne. She is so sweet, we really like her. She will be coming down for a visit when the boys come down this summer. She and Nik will be here for 2 weeks, they need to get back because Nik has work and they both need to get ready for college. Alex will be coming down for a month -- I can't wait to see them all again. Our trip up north was way too short, we only got to see the kids the day of the graduation.
We flew into Boston, MA so we could visit Bill's sister Judie -- we spent the night at her condo, and got to see her, Nick and his fiance' Eunjee Kim. She and Nick are getting married in September, we are going back up to Boston for the wedding.

We also got to spend some time with Del & Debbie and their new baby, Colby. He is so cute, and Del & Deb couldn't be happier. I got to hold him for awhile -- he is so little, I don't remember my boys ever being that small. Of course they were huge babies. Debbie is tired, naturally, but looks great, they all seem so happy & content. We spent an afternoon with Bill's daughter, Denise and her family, they are all growing up so fast, too. Traveling was annoying (much too long to get home), but overall, we had a great time.
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