Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brandcation + Dinner Shows = AMAZING

During Brandcation last weekend we had the opportunity to visit two of the dinner theaters here in town and we had a fantastic time.

On Friday night, we went to Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show... here is what the website says about Sleuths:

"Join us in one of our three intimate and climate-controlled theatres as you mingle with outrageous characters. Watch out, you might be chosen for a cameo role in the show!  All shows are 2-1/2 hours of scripted mystery, improvisation and audience participation. Watch for anything suspicious, interrogate the suspects and help us solve the crime!  Bring your investigative skills, your appetite, and be prepared to laugh your way through the evening."

The show that we saw was called "Holidaze in Hillendale” and it is describe this way:

"Mayor Rockwell and the citizens of Hillendale invite you to their quaint Americana town to celebrate their Annual Holiday Pageant and compete for fame and fortune on TV’s #1 reality show. The contestants will do anything to win even if it means taking out the competition!"

Our group was broken up into about 5 or 6 tables (with my table being the best of course, TeeHee) and we had such a blast watching the show and enjoying our dinner. I laughed so hard and really had fun sitting next to Kim from What's that Smell because she has SUCH a great sense of humor. When the "murder" is committed, the audience needs to question the "suspects" to try and figure out who is the guilty party.  Let me tell you, I guessed wrong! I didn't care because I had a fabulous time.

For more information on Show times and Ticket Prices, check the Sleuths website. This is a place that I will absolutely be taking my boys to when they come down to visit and will be recommending to all my visitors. If you are in the Orlando/Kissimmee area, definitely set aside one night to visit Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show!

Then, on Saturday evening, we had the privilege of seeing the dinner show at Arabian Nights in Kissimmee - it is actually located right across the street from the entrance to the community where I live - and I have never been there, go figure. From their website:

"There is something for everyone at Arabian Nights Dinner Attraction in Orlando, FL. From the moment guests enter the magnificent Palace of Horses, they are treated to a variety of entertainment that appeals to all ages.  When the show begins, the magic of Arabian Nights comes to life. Guests are entertained by more than 20 of the most talented equestrians in the world performing a variety of astounding feats on horseback in 22 exciting acts."

One of the most fun things was that when we first walked in was that we had a group photo taken - not an easy feat for the poor photographer - try getting 33 women all corralled into one area and looking the same way AND looking half-way decent at the same time.

After we had our photo taken we went into the waiting area for the pre-show where there was a belly dancer who actually picked members of the audience to dance with her... she picked men, women and children of all ages, it was quite amusing.  There was also a full bar there that you could purchase drinks.

Next we went into the stadium style seating theater and immediately started being served our meal beginning with salad and all you could drink soft drinks, water, beer and wine. There were several different main courses that you can chose, check out the website for all the different meals and side dishes available.

I think the horses were absolutely gorgeous in this show, I really loved them - I am such an animal lover. I think that this is an excellent show for "tween" girls as there was a girl around the age of 12 at the end of our table who was completely enthralled with every aspect of this show.



The ladies at our table got totally involved in the "Princess" aspect of this show, myself included, and just HAD to purchase ourselves some twinkling pink tiaras for the evening - we were just like kids again. I truly enjoyed being with all these wonderful women and sharing this experience with them.


For more information on showtimes, ticket prices, directions and photos of the performer and horses, go to the Arabian Nights website.

I want to thank both Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show and Arabian Nights for providing the tickets to all of us to see these amazing shows and enjoy the fabulous dinners as part of our Brandcation adventure.


Xmas Dolly said...

omg I'm so jealous! It looks like you had a marvelous time. I love the glow in the dark shots, and the Unicorn is my favorite. I'm definitely at awe! Love it. Thanks for sharing.

~ Noelle said...

we took the boys to something similar here..

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