Friday, November 12, 2010

Brandcation Stay at Global Resort Homes - THANK YOU!!!


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While I was at Brandcation this past weekend, I had the privilege of staying at Global Resort Homes at Windsor Hills Resort in Kissimmee. There where 33 of us that stayed in 4 of these gorgeous homes... here is the house that me and 8 other women stayed in.... and I would like to thank those women for being SO generous in allowing me to have the bedroom on the first floor so that I didn't have to worry about navigating the steps all the time.  I had the best roommates EVER!!!

The first night we were there we had a get to know each other party with TONS of snacks and drinks provided by Pepperidge Farms, Dole, Cabot Cheese, Deans Dip, The Candy Wrapper Store, and Sam's Club; along with party favors from Blog Friendly PR (I love you Shasta!!)...

When each of us arrived, it was like greeting old friends because of the connections we had made via our blogs, twitter and the Momdot forum, but then we had SO much more fun getting to know each other even better through talking, game playing and a whole LOT of laughter.  We also got to win lots of prizes that were gifts from several wonderful companies (listed below) - some of the ways we were able to win was by playing "Rock, Paper, Scissors," Musical Chairs, Fashion Shows and even something like "Let's Make a Deal."  I was so lucky to get a fantastic Margarita Maker from Kelty Kids. {Party at my house!!}  I was also very privileged to win a beautiful rosewood keepsake box that you can record a message and include a photograph from VoiceQuilt that I can send to my son in Afghanistan - I am SO excited about that!!

This is such a fantastic place to stay, I really think that if you are going to be in the Kissimmee area, you TOTALLY need to look into Global Resort Homes for your all your vacation needs. They are clean, pretty and comfortable. Since I live in the area, I know there are lots of places you can chose to stay and Global Resort Homes is definitely one of the best that you can pick. I especially LOVE our rep Tara Salinas, she went out of her way to make sure everything was working perfectly in our houses.

Right now Global Resort Homes is having a contest on their Facebook page for a 7-night stay at one of their resorts! WooHoo!! Don't forget to tell them who sent you, as they are also giving away a 4-7 night stay to those of us who refer you (you can also be a recipient of that if YOU refer people to them, so spread the word.). We had a wonderful stay at their resort, so I want to again say a huge THANK YOU to Global Resort Homes for all they did to make Brandcation a fantastic weekend.

Stay tuned for more posts about what else we did all weekend.....

Thank you to the following sponsors for their awesome gifts:

~ BAZI - Energy Drinks
~ Blunders Manner Mats (My grandson is going to LOVE these)
~ Uncle Ben's (I have donated this in our local Boy's Club pick up for the food bank)
~ Journey Bars Nutrition Bars (kept us going on our adventures in Disney World - post to come)
~ Carolina Pad (this was one of my FAVORITE gifts)
~ Backyard Safari Outfitters Adventure Kits (another wonderful Christmas gift for my grandson)
~ Maple Leaf Farms Cookbook
~ Canine Colors Book (bet you KNOW I can use this - TeeHee!!)
~ ShaToBu' Body Shaper
~ National Association fo Moms In Business (1 Year Membership - isn't that FABULOUS!!)

The fantastic giveaways were sponsored by this wonderful companies: (on top of those mentioned in the post)

~ Eversave (Special thank you to Eversave for the DELICIOUS baskets in each house! YUMMY!!)
~ Out of the Blue Delivered (They have the greatest items on this site - I WANT so many!!)
~ My Little Pony (I also received one of these, but passed it along to one of the ladies with a daughter)
~ Sears Home Appliances and Kenmore (They gave away FOUR vacuums - AMAZING!!)
~ Bounce Houses Now (Congratulations to Maria - she will be a ROCK STAR to her kids this Christmas!)

A special shout-out to Sounds for Fun Karaoke Store who had arranged for us to use a karaoke machine, but we were unable to go pick it up for our party. Thank you so much for the offer, I can only imaging how much more fun our party would have been if we ALL began singing. HaHa Also kudos to Kissimmee Guest Services (Keith Brady) and Kissimmee Visitors Bureau, with particular mention to Gail Bartashy, for all the work you did to help make our entire weekend in the area marvelous.

(I sure hope I didn't miss anyone... you were all so wonderful to help make our weekend amazing!)

{Disclosure: While I was given all these fabulous gifts, I did not pay for my stay and only paid an extremely nominal fee for all the activities that I participated in. I drove my own transportation and was graciously given gas money by the lovely ladies that were at the event with me. All the views expressed in these posts are ALL mine.}


Lisa Johnston said...

Aww LOVE this post lorie!!! :)

Love all of your photos!

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy that I met you!

<3 making life friends!!

Katie said...

I'm coming over for margaritas! I'll bring my princess tiara :)

Kayla @ TheEclecticElement said...

Holy Moly Mickey Mouse!!

I've turned a lovely shade of envious green reading all about your adventures and seeing all your pictures xD

However, I am SO glad you got to go Lorie-You definitely deserved this fun trip and great experience!

And now that I'm almost 21, I just may show up on your doorstep for those margaritas. LOL

I can't wait to see what else you have to say about your trip :)

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