Wednesday, November 9, 2011

More Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything.....

Do you have that ONE person who it is just impossible to by a gift for? You know the one, no matter what you get them, you get that fake smile and a thank you and then you are asked for the receipt so that the gift can be returned for something that they can find that is more "appropriate."

Well, I have found some gifts that will make anyone and everyone happy... take a look and decide for yourself who you will be getting these for, or maybe you will be keeping them all for yourself.

The Fingerprint Recognizing Espresso Machine..... This is the espresso machine that scans your fingertip to identify and make your preferred coffee drink. Simply place your finger on the biometric scanner to program the kind of drink, amount of coffee, and strength-the machine will make the specified drink every time you scan your finger.  The control panel allows you to make drinks other than the one associated with your fingerprint, the machine brews pre-ground coffee, and it has a removable 54 oz. water tank with an integrated filter. Stores up to six fingerprints and drink profiles in its database...... $ 3,200.00

The External Combustion Kraftwagen..... This is the fully operational car powered by an external combustion Stirling engine. Made in Germany from machine-tooled solid brass, stainless steel, and aluminum, it uses the thermodynamic principle of a regenerative heat engine powered by the expansion and compression of air. Non-toxic exhaust from a full burner of ethyl alcohol allows you to operate the engine for up to 20 minutes allowing the car to perform autonomous circles while it putters efficiently..... $ 999.00

The Copper Alembic Perfume Distiller..... Handcrafted in the Iberian Peninsula by Al-Ambik, reminiscent of those used for over 1,200 years to extract essential oils from plants for use in perfumes. It was invented around 775 A.D. by Jabir Ibn Haiyan, renowned as the Father of Chemistry..... $ 349.95

The Swiss Watchmaker's Boîte à Musique..... This is the Swiss-crafted music box that transforms meticulous watch movement into mellifluous melody. This heirloom is expertly crafted by Reuge-renowned horologists since 1865-in Sainte-Croix, Switzerland, considered the birthplace of the mechanical music box. Requiring a three-month, 34-step production process for completion, its accurate Cartel 4.144 movement includes a rotating brass cylinder lined with resin for ideal tonal quality and set with 3,800 wire pins that pluck two 72-note tempered-steel combs in perfect time. The music box produces four different 50-second musical selections exactly as they would sound from 19th century music boxes..... $25,300.00

***This is the one that I really want. So feel free to take up a collection for me***  =)

The Heated Full Body Massage Chair..... This is the only full-body massage chair that combines the invigorating touch of a massage therapist's hands with the restorative sensation of hot stone therapy. Thermal rollers in the chair's back deliver concentrated warmth that increases blood flow to help soothe and relax sore lumbar muscles. The rejuvenating rollers travel from the neck to the waist, replicating the gentle palm style of Swedish massage or the deep-tissue kneading of Shiatsu. Internal sensors make a virtual map of the body's contours so the rollers apply their efforts in the ideal locations along the back and spine. The chair also features hand and arm massagers in the arm rest, airbags around the midsection that massage hips, thighs and glutes, and a footrest with cushions that knead feet and calves for a realistic massage experience..... $7,000.00

So, there you have it... the perfect gifts for everyone on your list - including ME!!

Wising you all a joyous holiday season filled with happiness, love and lots of HUGGLES!!

{Disclosure: All of these items can be found in the Hammacher Schlemmer Gift Supplement 2011 Catalogue or online at - I have not been compensated in any way by the company... although God I wish I was!! I LOVE their company and would give my left kidney to review any one of these items listed here, especially the massage chair ~~ Hint Hint!!}



Tricia NIGHT Owl Mama said...

I don't have everything but I certainly would take the last one Lol

Tami W. said...

I want the espresso machine. But that price is enough to knock me on my keester. I've been dying for foamy milk since I got some Torani syrups. Mmmmm

XmasDolly said...

Way behind on my e-mail as you can see. I guess Tami & I will fight over that expresso machine - hehehehehehehe

Kevin McKeever said...

Hmm ... I wonder how many heated massages I can get from My Love for $7000?

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