Monday, June 22, 2009

Peter Pan Dance Recital

We went to our friends' Mark & Martha's daughters' dance recital of couple of Sunday's ago, and what a terrific time we had. Both the girls were in LEAD ROLES, and we could see why they were picked when we got to the recital. The company put on a version of "Peter Pan". Kyra played the part of "Mr. Smee" among other parts in the recital and she was magnificent!! Ashley was little "Michael" and we were amazed at how wonderful and theatrical she was. They both took to their parts like pros. I know their parents were extremely proud of both the girls and could be seen by their beaming eyes and huge smiles. The most important thing that I noticed about both girls was that they really seemed to be having FUN!! We all went to dinner after; the girls grandparents, step-sister, niece, aunt, yada yada yada all came to the show, too. It was REALLY a fabulous evening.

We stayed at their house for 5 days after the recital actually, they live on the gulf coast of Florida and the drive is almost 2 hours. It is really a killer on my back! I usually recline 3/4 of the way, but it is still awfully hard on me. Nano is a super car traveler, he LOVES to go for rides in the car and just loves to visit with the girls. This was his first time meeting their dog Wesley, but the two of them hit it off right away, they became really good friends (almost too good). They played almost all day long, but that led to them both sleeping soundly all night long. Nano loved being outside around the pool, which of course so did me & Bill. Swimming in warm water is super for my back as is just floating there, floating on my back is the only time I have no pain in my neck - I just LOVE that, NO PAIN!!!! If only I could find a way to do that all the time!! ;-)

The girls had a special soccer camp with coaches from England and Australia which they just adored. They were on "teams" from different "countries" so they had to learn facts about each of their countries. I think (if I remember right) Kyra's was Spain, and Ashley's was Italy - forgive me girls if I got it wrong. They were so good about learning their facts and doing all their soccer "homework", they even spray-painted their hair each day yellow (Kyra) and blue (Ashley) before practice. They looked adorable, and worked so hard - I was so proud of them, they are both so talented and special, both Bill and I love them to bits!! The last day of the soccer camp the kids were going to play against the adults in a match, but I've texted Mark about who won a couple of times about who won, and haven't heard back, so I'm guessing it was the kids..... but you can't quote me on that.

We hope to visit again this summer for more pool side fun and maybe go to the beach, I love the gulf-coast beaches, and maybe they will come over here to visit us and go to Disney World. I love taking the girls to DW, it gives me a chance to be a kid again.

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