Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday Mingle ~ April 4th: Career, Food, and Kids


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Questions for the week of 4/4/11:

1. If you could choose a new career path, what would you choose?

2. What is your favorite ethnic food?
3. Are your kids involved in sports/activities?


Well, that's it for this week, hope you all had a great weekend and you got to spend lots of time with the ones you love.

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Have a great week everyone!!



Alexis AKA MOM said...

Wow girlie are you trying to do like my weekends!!! I love they have doggy dinning who fun is that!! hehe I love the peek a boo puppy :)

;( I'm sorry you had to drop out, you would have rocked at being a nurse! Me too not a big spicy fan, Rick doesn't do Chinese either and it's MY fav!!! Our boys are so the same!

Happy Monday Sweets!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Hello! How fun that you saw the Starship - love them!! I need to go to more concerts.

Sounds like you had a really fun weekend. Doggie dining? Really? How cute is that? You should take a picture of that.

I know you would have been an amazing nurse - you are one of the most caring people I know. I'm so sorry you didn't get to follow that. Dog whisperee, lol. I'm sure they rule the roost around there.

Thank you for mingling!!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hey sweets just stopping by to say hi! XOXO

Momstart said...

I agree with Jen, we need a picture of the doggie dining.

You are a super sweet person!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Busy, busy! How fun :)
Surgical nurse - wow! How cool is that.
I like Chinese too - so good.
Active kids - wow.
Have a great week!

XmasDolly said...

Do you like Yanni - hmmm not sure if you would call it classical, but I would call it different. Stop by, and check it out if you have the time. I think it's cool. Now, you need to clean your glass on your camera it's definitely smudged. You have a cloud of your face. So you want to be a nurse. That's really cool. Missy my youngest daughter is going to school now to be a nurse. I totally love Chinese. One day I'm gonna figure out how to do Monday Mingle. One day sure. My son has a tattoo on his arm. It's a 2X4 with the word MOM in it because I use to tell him if I can't whip his ass I have a 2X4 in the garage that can. So he went & had that done for me when he was in the Marines. He loves his Mommy! So stop by & check out Yanni. His music is too cool. I have the whole CD downloaded on my computer. I wonder if I can send one song to you. hmmm I'll see.

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