Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day ~ Dad, Step-Dad, Pop


I just want to wish all the dads, grandads, soon-to-be dads a very happy Father's Day!!

There is one father in particular that I would like to mention.... my dearest husband Bill.

Isn't he just so handsome?  =)

Generations of Shewbridge Men

Bill raised two children of his own by the time I met him and they are both wonderful people, just like he is... which he got from his father, a super sweet man who wrote the best love letters. I only wish I had gotten to meet him before he passed away.

Then, after having raised his own children, he married me... a single mother with two very young children: Nikolaus was in 2nd grade and Alexander was just starting Kindergarten. He took on all this responsibility without complaining and lovingly helped me raise our boys into the fine young men they are today. They still call him Pop and have shared some great times with him and he was always there for them. He went to every school concert, parents night, ornament night, everything - even when the boys biological father didn't. Bill was there when Nikolaus graduated from Army Basic Training as the soldier of the cycle - top in his class.

Bill and Nikolaus at Army Basic Graduation

Father's Day Tie from Nik, age 7
Bill wore it ALL day at work!

Alex finally got taller than Bill.



Nikolaus, Lorie & Alexander

I don't know what the boys and I would have done without him.... so to Bill/Pop, thank you for everything you do and for all the love you show us. We love you with all our hearts - Happy Father's Day!!

As always, I ask that you keep in mind those who are serving our country and cannot be with the ones they love so that we enjoy freedom and safety. Remember them today along with their families with hopes that they will ALL return home safe and sound.


Anonymous said...

The first photo of Bill is fantastic--so handsome. He really sounds like an amazing man with a fabulous family behind him. Happy Father's Day Shewbridges!

Adaptable Kay said...

Please wish Bill a Happy Father's Day for me as well! He sounds like one heck of an amazing man and father :)

Margaret Cloud said...

I also wish your Bill a happy fathers day. You wrote a very nice tribute to him and thanks for wishing all the other father's a good day. I enjoyed all the pictures, very nice. Thank you for coming by and leaving a nice comment. Hope you are having a nice Sunday.

XmasDolly said...

Yes, very handsome! Happy Daddy's Day Bill!!! Hope y'all had a great time. My kid's all called me & wished me Happy Father's Day. I've been both Mother & Father to them 90% of their life. We celebrated my son's birthday, which was yesterday today! Food everywhere & I made a great cake, but naturally NO PICTURES! DAM! Check you mail linky on its way!

~ Noelle said...

what a sweet post!
gotta love bill

XmasDolly said...

Running late again are we? hmmmmmm? Hey, the new button is working for me. So you can put it on your blog too if you like. Naila is really happy with it. Wahooooooo! Later girlfriend. Great songs out there today! hugssssssssssss

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Bill that picture is awesome! I love all the others too. And love letters, man!

Happy Father's Day to an amazing man/father :)

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