Sunday, November 25, 2012

Countdown to Christmas..... Griswald House in my Neighborhood

29 Days until Christmas.....

So, I really LOVE Christmas decorations and lights..... up to a point.

Right around the corner from our house, there is a Griswald house... you know the kind, decorated to within an inch of it's life. This house is so tacky, I hate it... but every year the decorations go up and traffic comes driving by and even stops - causing a back-up almost every night.
Well, this is how it starts out... and what it looks like during the day. Have you noticed the candy canes on the sidewalk that line the street? They go almost the entire length of the street (there's one house on the end that is a hold-out).
At night it looks like a landing strip on the way to our house... plus it is SO bright. I'll post night photos later in the month when all the decorations are done.

Do you see the white shade on the windo on the right? Notice the bench on the grass, too... Christmas movies play all evening long on that shade.

There is even a 24 hour "A Christmas Story" marathon on that shade - we can see Ralphie right around the corner.

So, what do you think of this house? How much is too much? Let me know, and PLEASE share any links to photos of Griswald houses in your area.
Stay safe and sane, my friends.....


Lisa said...

Oh wow. We just moved here so I'm not sure how it will be but my dad used to really do it up. His gpal was to be seen from space. Ha.

Sober Julie said...

hahaha I'm dying laughin here. We live in Ontario so there's no way we could ever find movies playing in our snowy neighbourhood.
We're coming to Florida over Christmas, I may have to find you and pull up a lawn chair

Jenine said...

LOL We have two houses right across the street from each other. One is a family of five and the other is their grandparents. They have Xmas wars to see who can be the most decorated and most loud every year. I sure hope their immediate neighbors don't mind. We're lucky we're at the other end of the neighborhood.

XmasDolly said...

Love the candy canes and the way they have them set up. Thanks for sharing.

Lucy said...

I try so hard to get into the spirit but if I lived by it,yikes, it would get old fast,sometimes you just want to holler, "Less is so much better" but what is even more sad, why not share this love of the holiday by giving some decorations to homes that can't decorate and conserving our energy. All that energy being wasted day in and day out, is not good for our planet! We scream from our lungs about giving and conserving, yet, we all just want to be seen,don't we?

Simply Being Mommy said...

Wow, I bet that costs them a fortune!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

NO WAY Christmas movies!!! I so want this neighbor!!!

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