Monday, December 17, 2012

Countdown to Christmas..... The Landing Strip to Christmas in myNeighborhood

8 Days Until Christmas

I have showed you photos of the "Griswald House" around the corner from my house during the day, but now I'd like to share with you what that house and the entire street looks like at night with all the lights lit up. There are even candy canes along both sides of the street lit up making it look like a landing strip for Santa - on Christmas morning, you can see the sled tracks, hoof prints, foot prints up to the houses and even some reindeer droppings near the houses. =)

So tell me what you think... over the top, huh?


Jenine said...

Actually, Lorie, I think I may have you beat. There is a house in our neighborhood (I'll see if I can grab pics) that has the GRASS lit up! They have all the Christmas decor PLUS they made a grid on the grass with Christmas lights so that their lawn is lit. *shrugs* I guess we are minimalists at heart. :)

Adaptable Kay said...

Man, those people DEFINITELY like their holidays! I can't say I've come across anyone quite as enthusiastic yet. LOL

~ Noelle said...

I hope they have kids and are just really doing it up for them... if not, it is a bit weird, if they do... I think it is "kinda" cute.

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