Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day


Wishing all the fathers, step-fathers, grandfathers, foster fathers, and single mothers acting as mother and father a very happy Father's Day.  Hope you are surrounded by family, happiness, and lots of love.

Although I had a difficult relationship with my father, he was a wonderful grandfather to my boys and they miss him terribly. For all you did for my boys, thank you and wish you were still here, Dad.

The last photo of my boys with my dad 

As for my husband, Bill, he is not only the most wonderful husband in the world, he is the best father and step-father ever. When we got married in 1997, my boys were 9 and 6 and Bill has always been there for them, whether it is for a school function, help with repairing a bicycle, or just to talk... he especially has a way of making our lives special by always having a way to make us laugh. For that and so much more, I want to say thank you and I love you with my whole heart.

Bill and Nikolaus at his Army Basic Training Graduation

Bill and Alex at Universal Studios.
The first summer Alex was taller than both of us.

May you all have a fabulous Father's Day and a wonderful weekend, surrounded by those you love.

P.S. The babies would like to say that they love daddy so much and thank him for all he has done for them.

Our Babies: (L-R)  Nano, Mia, Mandie, Wiggles, and Mumbo


XmasDolly said...

So that's where you got your blue eyes from. What a nice picture of him & the boys, but look at the proud sit in Papa for the boys! He's the only dad they knew right? Well, he's one of the best for sure. Great choice their girlfriend! HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO YOUR BILL! GREAT JOB THEIR DUDE!!! ;)

XmasDolly said...

Awwwww Look at all those cutie puppies! Thanks for stopping by my friend. I've missed you! How are you? I'm okay & I've found a doctor that's going to give me my life back God willin'! I shall find out the surgery date next Friday. I can't wait! Hugs & have a great weekend.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Such a blessing Bill is!!

I'm so glad ur dad was great with the boys. Sometimes they don't always do right by us but it's so nice when they do great things for the grand kids.

Love u sweets!

Aless said...

I can't wait to be a father myself. My father is a very nice person and i learned many from him. I love him.

XmasDolly said...

Wow, you haven't been blogging in like forever! What's up girlfriend? Just wanted to wish you a belated Merry Christmas & a very Healthy, Happy & Prosperous New Year to my sweetest friend, and of course to the rest of your family too! HUGS, MARIE

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