Monday, February 14, 2011

Hi There... I'm Back and Feeling Quite a Bit Better.....


Just a couple of things I wanted to say...

First - Thank you so much to all of my fabulous friends that spent so much time on Twitter, Facebook, and sent me emails while I was sick and in the hospital... you have NO idea how wonderful it made me feel. I was just so sick and feeling like crap and then Bill would show me all these tweets and messages on Facebook or read me another email from someone and it would just make me smile and warm my aching heart.

Second - I am so sorry that I haven't been able to answer emails or visit any of your blogs or Facebook pages like I have wanted - you can probably guess the reason why.  I did have access to Twitter, email and Facebook sporadically while in the hospital, but just wasn't up to being on very long... not to mention when I did try to get some rest, all the tests that had to be done.

My face is tingling
 As for what happened to put me in the hospital, I'm not really sure. Most of you know that I was sick last week and felt and looked like crap from a cold.  Then I just started getting worse, and was having trouble breathing and having tightness and pain in my chest which I figured was bronchitis. I called my MD to see if he would check me out just to make sure it wasn't pneumonia, well, they told me to go right to the hospital ER.... and off we went.

Being treated in the hallway
 It was quite busy there, but because of my symptoms, they took me right in, did an EKG and checked a couple of other things.  Then we had to wait a little bit longer until my face started tingling and that made them bring me right back. Even though they didn't have a room for me, they started examining me right in the hallway. I got hooked up to a heart monitor, BP cuff and oxygen. Next thing I knew I had an IV and was being given 2 baby aspirin and nitroglycerin. Talk about scary!! (Not to mention the nitro gave me a wicked headache on top of everything!)

My view for 2 days
 They next decide to admit me for observation to make sure my heart and lungs were OK. So here we go with more blood tests and schedule an arterial CT scan for the morning.  Apparently one of the blood tests came back abnormal - one that indicates you may have a pulmonary embolism (clot in your lungs), so they woke me up at 3a.m. (I had just gotten to sleep at 2:30) to go down to Nuclear Medicine for a V/Q scan to check my lungs. Talk about making someone even more nervous.  Then at 4a.m. more blood work.

Trying to keep my heart rate down
 The next day was my CTA to check and see if the arteries around and in my heart are working properly. For this test, my heart rate had to be below 60 bpm, but mine would never go below 80 even with all the medication they could give me, unless I held my breath (which BTW - HURTS!!). After about 3.5 hours, we finally got the test done and I could go back to my room - my chart got back to my room before I did, 

My constant companion

Just because you're sick,
doesn't me you can't have BLING

Thank goodness, after all this, the results: I have a low potassium level, an abnormally high heart rate, but everything else with my heart and lungs seem wonderful - REALLY thankful to hear and good to know....
The only issue... what the hell's wrong with me????

Wired for sound and oxygen

Turns out, with all the extra pain I've been having and the financial stress that many of us have been under recently, I have been suffering from severe anxiety... even more than I usually do. So, I saw my Primary doctor on Friday and he has given me some new medication and told me to take it easy for the next 3 weeks and follow up with him.

I just feel like such an idiot that I didn't recognize the signs... I have had panic attacks for the last 10 years and suffer from generalized and social anxiety disorder... this just seemed so different.  So please, my friends, as my doctor mentioned, do NOT feel bad if you "feel bad" - depression and anxiety can have some serious PHYSICAL effects on the body. I actually end up making myself hyperventilate and I can pass out.... It is NOT JUST ALL IN YOUR HEAD....

Thank you again for being there for me, it truly helped me through this very scary situation, that I will continue to need the help of all of you to KEEP getting through.  Let me know if I can help you if you are feeling anything similar, I'll be there for you also. That's what we are a social network COMMUNITY.




•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Oh dear! I had no idea!! *hug* I'm glad you've gotten some answers through all of that. I hope you take it easy and rest. I'm here if you need to chat :) Always!

Hazel said...

Ah you're still pretty despite all those wires. Love your smile. Not many people tied to wires can do that. Your positive expression reminds me of my favorite aunt who insists on wearing red lipstick while burning on a nasty fever :D

ConnieFoggles said...

I saw a few of your tweets and replied, but I see that you were only on for a short time. Glad that you listened to your body and did something about it. Happy that it wasn't your heart. Thrilled that you're feeling better. Love you lots. If you ever need to talk about the anxiety thing, I'm here. I have it too.

dollycas aka Lori said...

I am so sorry, this is only my 2nd week here and didn't know you were sick. I too suffer from depression and anxiety and your post has given me a wake up call. Thank you for sharing!!

Colette S said...

Oh Lorie! I'm so glad you are alright! And glad it's more good news than bad.

I've heard that anxiety can definitely do that to you.

I pray you'll feel much better sooner!

Anonymous said...

Reading this gave me chills up my spine, goosebumps on my arms and tears in my eyes. Sorry for your big scare. I know panic attacks all too well...and discovered mine through an emergency room visit too. I was lucky and didn't have to stay in the hospital, but depression and anxiety are real...and can be very scary. For me, knowing what was going on helped immensely. Thinking I was dying didn't seem to help the situation at all...just made everything snowball.
Sincerely hope everything is much better for you now. Take care lovely lady.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

I am SO sorry I am just now finding out about this...I feel like a horrible friend :(

I am so glad that it isn't a clot in the lung, but am sorry you are going through all of this. I'm sure it was terrifying (and I imagine Bill was a wreck too).

Big hugs to you, and I hope you feel better way before three weeks... Love you sweetie

Maria's Space said...

Poor you! I had no idea all this was going on. I don't miss the hospital, it is not fun. Thank God it isn't anything medically serious. My potassium was always low when I was at the hospital.

Take care of yourself. Much love.

Maria - Maria's Space
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