Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Monday Mingle: February 14th - My First Vlog..... YAY!!!


“Mingling with you since August 2009!”

"Welcome to Monday Mingle! Each week three questions are asked, and you can answer via a written post, or a vlog post. If you have always wanted to try vlogging, Monday Mingle vlog meme is a fun way to try vlogging. If you’d like to join in the fun, answer the 3 weekly questions in short vlog on your blog, or a written blog post, then link up over on Eighty MPH Mom in the linky. Please post the above button within your post and link to Eighty MPH Mom, so readers can easily find other participants. Visit the other participants, learn about them and have fun! It’s not too late you can link up anytime during the week."

Here are the Current questions for the week of 2/14/11:

1. What is your favorite ride at an amusement park?
2. Whats the nicest thing you have ever done for someone?
3. What do you like best and least about your life?

Monday Mingle - February 14, 2011 from Shewbridge on Vimeo.

Some references in my vlog that I'd like to make sure you were able to get:

First:  Erin of Slice o' Heaven ~~ The sweetest, most generous person and most incredible mother you could ever know... please head on over to her blog so that you can get to know her. You will be happy you did!! Do you know what this incredible woman did for me.... I mentioned last week that I'd been trying to win a Flip cam so that I could do an actual VLOG when I participate in Monday Mingle. Well, she immediately emailed me that she had an extra one and that if I was truly going to mingle, she would be more than happy to GIVE it to me. After a couple of emails from me to make sure SHE was sure, I graciously accepted and, as they say..... the rest is history. Thank you so much, my dear friend Erin.... Lubs you forever!!

Second: Dawn of It's All About the Jewels ~~ A girl after my own heart!! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am never fully dress without some bling. She is the lovely woman who made the beautiful earrings that I word during my vlog. I wasn't up t getting all dolled up or even putting on make-up, but thanks to a fabulous giveaway she had on her blog, I was lucky enough to win these beautiful earrings to wear during my vlog. Thank you so much Dawn for such a gorgeous gift.

I wish you all a spectacular Valentine's Day with the ones you love, and as a favor to me, please remember those who are serving our country in the armed forces an are unable to be with their family, friends and all of their loved one..... Please say an extra prayer for those brave men and women who put their lives in harm's way every day just for our freedoms -- THAT is true love!

One more thing... Happy Birthday, Jennifer and many, many more! You deserve only the BEST!!!



Xmas Dolly said...

Well, check you out! That's so wonderful that you're really coming up in the blogging world & doing cool stuff. How nice of that lady to send you a camera. Many blessings to her. Now, forget about what you look like did that doctor give you something to help you with your breathing like some oxygen or something? If not, you need to tell Bill to get on the man's case about it or maybe one of those inhaler's like they have for people who has asthma? Well, very tired. Sometimes I can be so wide awake, and then the next minute I can hardly stay away! Goodnight sweetie. Get better!

Anonymous said...

My goodness look wonderful for what you've been through. You have such great skin and your sparkling eyes always shining! Sorry you're still have some trouble breathing though. Keep feeling better!!

Congratulations on your first vlog. I was practicing this for a while, but quit when I lost my laptop. Time to get back at it...thanks for the motivation. I really want to get over my fear of interviewing on camera. It's a little extreme. Maybe I'll get to vlog hop with you in the near future.

Go girl!!!

~ Noelle said...

hope you are feeling better..
it is so funny to hear you talk.. i guess i never really thought about it until now, but i did not know how you sounded !!!!
Its a Small World? I LOVE that...
I wanted to go when we were there, but Marc and the boys didn't!
Get better soon!!!!

DaenelT said...

Yay for your first vlog! The minglers are some of the best ladies you'd ever want to meet.

You don't look awful, you look healthy and happy and that's the best "look" in the world.

I think people undervalue online communities. I've found that some of my online friends are much more supportive and encouraging than some face to face friends.

Have a great week!

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Lorie! I am just SO incredibly happy that you mingled! I am so sorry you are sick though.

That Erin - she is something else, isn't she? I just love her with all of my heart. I am so happy she sent the Flip to you so we can see your beautiful face too :)

I agree on the online friendships. They are so much more than just someone behind a computer though, and those who haven't experienced it, have no idea. It is amazing how much their personalities shine through, and especially when you see them in a vlog - you really do "know" them then.

Thank you for the birthday wishes - you are too sweet. We had a wonderful time!

Feel better sweetie (hugs)...

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Mrs. Cox.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

I'm so glad to HEAR your answers this week! Seriously! It was my pleasure and I'm glad to be able to send it your way :) You're wonderful! xoxo! Oh and Charlie says hi :)

Lovely earrings! A good win :) I love winning jewelry LOL

I think I'd rather go to Disney World than an amusement park. :)

Oops that wasn't on my vlog. :D Just helping out a friend.

I'm glad you have such a good group of people supporting you. You deserve it, truly.

Have a good week. Hope you're breathing easier each day, my friend!

Paula Schuck said...

Hi. Glad to see you and hear you too. What a nice friend to have. I knew Errin was awesome but wow! That is kind. She should have mentioned that in her vlog. Kindness is contagious. Have fun at the Disney social media Moms thing. Sounds great. I so wish that I could get to Florida this year. Love your dog and I like it's a small world too.


Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

Awhile back, I mentioned that I didn't have a Flip camera and wanted one and Cat from 3KidsandUs ( sent me the extra one she had. Such wonderful people in the world!

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