Monday, July 18, 2011

Gifts for the Hard to Buy For and the Person Who Has Everything


I admit, I have lots of birthdays and even a baby shower this summer and I get stuck for what to get people, especially those that I really love a lot. I really like to be unique in my gift-giving so people will remember what I got them and it won't get lost in all the other gifts.  Let me show you some of the gifts I found that are truly amazing and could be given to someone who is really hard to buy for or someone who "has everything!"

The Heated Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This is the heated massage chair that elevates your feet above your heart, a supine posture developed by NASA to reduce body stress and enhance circulation in astronauts. Heating elements in the chair warm 24 natural jade stones inside the backrest.   $3,000.00

The Emotive Robotic Avatar

This is the robotic puppet that conveys nuanced emotions controlled by its operator from a remote command center. Using a combination of eye expressions, antenna colors, body language, and the digitally modulated voice of its operator, it expresses five feelings--happy, confused, angry, sad, and embarrassed.    $65,000

The Elliptical Machine Office Desk

This is the adjustable-height desk that pairs with a semi-recumbent elliptical trainer to let users exercise while on the job. Designed to be pedaled at slower cadences that won't break one's concentration (or cause one to break a sweat), an average user can burn about 4,000 calories in a typical workweek$8000

And MY personal favorite.....

The 20 Foot Animatronic Triceratops

Featured at museums nationwide as part of a traveling exhibit, this is the motion-sensing, 20' long animatronic triceratops that responds to onlookers with lifelike reactions and fortissimo bellowing. Motion-activated cameras installed into each eye work in unison with customized interactive software that enables the Cretaceous creature to recognize multiple subjects' facial features.  $350,000

Now, WHO wouldn't just LOVE to receive one of these lovely gifts for their birthday, baby shower, wedding gift or how about that elliptical desk as an anniversary gift.... I know I'd be thrilled!!

However, if you plan on purchasing one of these items be prepared to also pay for extra shipping because they are all over the weight limit for regular shipping, especially the Triceratops, it weighs 1,345 lbs. UGH!!

Have you seen any outrageous gifts that made you say, "What the heck?"



Joanie said...

I want that chair. Tell my kids. My birthday is in September. :)

Krystyn said...

Dang i...I saw the title and got excited because Mr. Serious' birthday is next month....but the budget is just a tad lower than these items.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok working at home I so need the elliptical chair!!!

Margaret Cloud said...

Now these are some gifts and my favorite is definitely the chair, I probably would not get out of. Hope everything is going well, we are very hot here. Thank you for coming by.

~ Noelle said...

one or two would be great for me...
dont forget, august is my birthday :)

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