Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Morning with the Shewbridges

Here we are Christmas morning... First we have our tree with all the gifts underneath, and our Mickey Mouse card tree (if you look close, you can see the Mickey heads are what holds the card in place). In the center of my card tree is an adorable card from my bloggy friend Alexis from Running Away? I'll Help you Pack. She is one of the sweetest women I have ever met and has the cutest little boys, Cole and Caden. When you get a chance, head on over to Alexis' blog, she has so many great posts, you will be amazed at all she can accomplish during her day. She works at home, but still manages to take care of her adorable boys, and still, volunteer at their schools and at her church, plus help out in her community every chance she gets, all while having this beautiful smile on her precious face. She really is remarkable.

Anyway, back to Christmas.....

Here is Nano, all dressed up in his Christmas suit... he is such a good boy that he listens to me when I have him pose for pictures. I swear he understands me when I talk to him, and tell him to sit down, stand up, look at the camera.... I think I should sign him up to be a doggy model. :-)

Nano LOVES to "help" open the gifts... He just adores gift wrap... and he likes to sniff all the presents. I got the Diamond edition Scrabble game which I had really wanted so Bill and I can play together. It is portable, too, so we can take it to friends houses when we go visiting.

Bill also got me this gorgeous necklace that I had mentioned that I liked when I saw it on a commercial. It is from Kay Jewelers, and it is from the Jane Seymour Open Heart collection. It has special meaning to me because I love the sentiment behind it first of all, and it reminds me of a swan - a bird which I really love because of its grace and beauty, and because they mate for life. Something that Bill knows I treasure.

The funny teal thing in my hand is an wireless optical mouse that is Windows 7 compatible - WooHoo!! Do you know how difficult those are to find?? My new laptop has Windows 7 and he knew I'd been looking for one of those - it really is a cool looking one.

Bill likes to have an occasional cigar, so Nano and I got him this beautiful cherry wood humidor to store his cigars in - right now he has been keeping them in the freezer, so this will be much better for them. They will last longer and taste much better.

Nano also got several new shirts and sweatshirts because he outgrew the ones he got last Christmas... he is now just under 7 pounds (last Christmas he was just about 4 pounds). This is one of the new beach shirts he got... doesn't he look adorable???

Bill also got me a Kindle (Yippee!!) because he knows how much I love to read, but I sometimes have a hard time holding heavy books due to the nerve damage in my neck and the spinal stenosis and arthritis I have. I have already subscribed to Nanny Goats in Panties and bought three books. It is wonderful, just like Bill!!

After our exciting morning, I made Mickey Mouse waffles with strawberries and whipped cream, and we watched some Christmas movie on either Lifetime or Hallmark Network. Then we both took a nap.

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, and wish that the new year brings you joy, laughter, health and lots of love! Until next time..... Lorie


MaBunny said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the pictures of your cute dog all dressed up!
I love the Open Hearts necklace - I got the ring last year from my hubby!
Hope you have a great new year!

Felicia said...

What a wonderful Christmas! So sweet that he got you the necklace only because you mentioned you liked it form the commercial.. that is precious!

BTW.. I want to see pictures of your Mickey Mouse waffles!! Girl... I am all about the waffles lately! I'll have to trade recipes with you!

Gem said...

Looks like you had a nice Christmas...and that you were a good girl all year since you got all of those wonderful presents! LOL!

Wishing you a happy new year!

Lifeofkaylen said...

I have so much to say here!!
1. I love your card holder!
2. The coloring of your tree and the walls and the presents and all - Beautiful!!
3. Nano is ADORABLE. I can't believe he lets you dress him up and then poses for the camera.
4.Scrabble = fun. And anything that is the travel edition is more fun!
5. I saw that necklace and loved it too!!!
6. Cherry wood - the best color wood you can get. And the smell...mmmm....
7. A kindle!!! How exciting! I have trouble with heavy books too, it's frustrating. What a great solution.

This sounds like you had a wonderful Xmas - great pics, you guys are a beautiful family. :)

Maria's Space said...

What a great Christmas morning. It was like being there with you.

I did the cigar thing for Joe one year too!

How cute r you with all your Mickeys. Even a waffle maker?! Cute.

What a lovely necklace. Decisions every day with your beautiful necklace choices.

It looks like you had a wonderful Christmas.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OH SWEETIE you made my day how sweet of you mention my card and the links and about me you are the BEST ever! I love the pictures that came up with the smile link ... LOL :)

What a beautiful Christmas you, Bill and Nano had! You know this sucker with Hallmark and LMN and the Christmas Movies what am I going to do know ... LOL.

I love the necklace and how she explains it and what it means to her. yeah a wireless remote and scrabble way cool! That is a wonderful Humidor my friend bought her husband one and he loves it!

Nano you are looking marvelous in your outfits, how big you are getting :).

P.S. I have the same Tree Card thing! LOL and You're in front :)

Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I love my Kindle too! And I can't thank you enough for supporting NGIP on your new happy Kindle! I hope you have a wonderful 2010, sweetie!


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