Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bitch and Moan Friday (So, I Know it's Saturday) 2/6/10

Fairy Blog Mother

Bitch & Moan Friday [or in my case Saturday, TeeHee] is a meme started by my friend Annette over at Fairy Blog Mother to get all the crap off your chest before the weekend so you can start refreshed. I haven't participated in a while (sorry Annette) but I have read her posts and the other participants and laughed my butt off because Annette and Tami really know how to make fun of the bad things in life... and isn't that really how to get through the rough patches?

So, here I go:

~ Health Insurance & Hospital Bills: Can't they EVER agree? My insurance says I don't have to pay for something but they told the hospital that they weren't going to pay for it and that it wasn't to be written off by the hospital. So who the hell IS supposed to pay for it? When I call the hospital they tell me that it is a copay, but I say I have already paid my $20 copay for that visit to which they say, yes, I see that, but your insurance company says it is an additional copay. WHY? I call the insurance company... they say they don't know why. HUH????? You are the ones that told the hospital I have to pay it. They tell me to tell the hospital to call them. Soooo, I call the hospital again and they tell me they only take INCOMING calls, they can't make outgoing calls (you probably understand this Annette, but it is really frustrating to me!). So now I have to call back the insurance company, find someone who speaks and understands ENGLISH - a feat in of itself - and have THEM call the HOSPITAL. In the meantime, I have received a letter from a collection agency for the $24.66 that the hospital says I owe them. I know it is not a lot of money, but it is the principle of it AND I already pay over $96 per month for my Medicare replacement plan. URRGGHH!!

~ Grocery Store Sales Items: I hate when I go to the grocery store to buy the items that are supposed to be on sale and they don't have ANY. You know, if it happened once in a while on one item, it wouldn't be such a big deal. But when you go shopping at the same store and it happens over and over on LOTS of items, it really gets to be a PITA. "Why do I go to that store?" you may ask. It's the closest one to my house so I save on gas and I do get rainchecks, but when I plan my weekly menu on the sales items it really gets to be annoying!

~ Prescription Drug Costs: I cannot believe how much they have gone up in the past 5 years since I have been out of the field. They have always been expensive and people without insurance have always struggled. We have insurance, and as you can see by my first B & M it is such a wonderful plan - it does cover some of my prescriptions, but not all of them; and the ones it does cover, it doesn't cover completely. We picked up one of Bill's prescriptions yesterday for 5 pills, yes FIVE pills and it cost over $95... it averaged out to be $19.06 per pill... thank God he only has to take it once per week!! That's one of the cheap ones, I have a prescription for my migraines that costs $261.86 for 9 (NINE) pills - that's $29.10 per pill!!! I'm lucky that I only need to use that one for really bad migraines that either hit me out of the blue or that don't work for my cheap meds ($30 for 80 generic pills) or Excedrin Migraine if I catch it early enough. I know that there are some really fat-cat executives out there on their private Caribbean islands living it up on my (and lots of other people's) money. They can just go... well you know!!

Well, that's it for now, what pissed you off this week? Don't forget to go link up to Fairy Blog Mother and visit the other participants... Have a great weekend.

Until next time..... Lorie


Anonymous said...

life sucks at times i guess..

hugs and love

Margaret Cloud said...

I know one thing I get lost just trying to translate insurance forms let alone hospital bills. Get this, we have the same insurance company but they upgraded their policy (what ever that means) and two of my meds that were covered no longer are and if I want them I have to pay full price. I sure did enjoy reading your post, it made me smile and I needed that today. Have a great day.

Debby@Just Breathe said...

Those are pretty darn good complaints. I know what you mean!

Adaptable Kay said...

I'm DEFINITELY in agreement on the hospital and insurance thing-Besides doctors, they are the second most loathed thing in this household!

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