Saturday, March 13, 2010

Computer Problems

I'm going to be a little behind in posting and visiting over the next few days. Some how last night while my laptop was off, the hard drive got totally wiped out. I turned it on this morning and nothing!! There was an error report that said there was an error and window would could not start and I had to restore factory presets - YIPPEE! I had to reboot my entire system and drivers and start from scratch. Fortunately I think I have everything backed up either on flash drives or online, however, now I have to find it all and restore it all. The main thing I am worried about is my photos... I was lucky enough to win a copy of F-Secure Online last year, so I know that my photos are safe and secure online there. I just have to reinstall the program and restore them to my computer and reinstall my photo editing program.... It's all going to take some time.... Bear with me, my friends.

Wish me luck getting everything back in order and installed. I just wish I knew how it happened. If any of you has had a similar experience, let me know. Hope you have a terrific weekend... Bill and I will be going out for brunch tomorrow morning to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary.

Until next time...... I hope..... Lorie


Tami Winbush said...

OMG - that's horrible! I'm sorry it happened, I'm glad you can get it all (hopefully) back!

Happy Anniversary honey bunny!

Debby@Just Breathe said...

So sorry, that is a fear of mine.
Praying it will all come together and be better then ever.

Adaptable Kay said...

OMG! That makes me scared for myself cause I don't have anything backed up >.<

Man, I hope you get everything restored!! That bites SO much :(

Anonymous said...

Oh no, Lorie! Good Luck! And Happy Anniversary!!!

sanjay kumar negi said...

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'very interesting post'

~ Noelle said...

that sucks...
hate that happened to you...
congrats on 13

Alexis AKA MOM said...

first off Congrats on 13th wonderful years! Hope you had a wonderful day!!!

Oh man I haven't had that exact problem I've had the error message but it was because it didn't shut down properly and asked it I wanted to go into Safe or back where I was.

UGH hope it's all ok and your photos and stuff is saved!

Maria's Space said...

Sorry to hear you had computer woos.

Hopefully by now everything is squared away.

Thank you btw..I need to back up a ton of stuff.

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