Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ferry Worker Suspended for Shamrock Graffiti

I found this story on AOL News written by Lauren Frayer. I couldn't believe the action taken by this guys employer... what do you think???

An Irish-American ferry worker has been suspended from his job on New York City's Staten Island ferry after being caught stamping shamrocks all over the boat to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

The man, Jared Largo, said he was just trying to spread Irish cheer ahead of today's St. Patrick's Day festivities. The rubber stamps, using a black ink pad, were about three inches wide, in the shape of an Irish clover.

Largo, who is a mate on the ferry and sometimes steers the boat, stamped the area around the ferry's wheel house, as well as near the time clock where employees check in for duty.

"I looked at it as the same thing as Christmas decorations," he told The New York Times. He said he'd planned to wash off the stamps after the holiday.

That wasn't acceptable to his bosses at New York's transportation department, who captured what they considered Largo's vandalism on video and summoned him to appear before an internal judge. At the hearing, Largo wore green shoes.

"The judge was like, 'What, you think you're funny, wearing green shoes here?' " he said.

Largo was suspended without pay for 16 days. The hearing took place last month, and his sentence runs through next week.

As for how he's spending his free time off work, Largo -- who is half-Irish -- told the Times he plans to attend New York City's St. Patrick's Day parade today.

"I was thinking of renting a green tux," he said.

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Margaret Cloud said...

I think he should have gotten permission before he did this. However he was an employee and should not have been suspended, he was not a criminal. I am glad he was not fired. Have a nice day and hope you had a nice St. Patrick's Day.

Unknown said...

Get out of the city. That is pure craziness. I hope they will reconsider. I will go and find their site and leave a comment in support of him right now!

Simply Being Mommy said...

I think it was harsh punishment. Just make the man wipe it clean...

Adaptable Kay said...

I agree with Margaret-Even though I don't see anything wrong in showing pride in your heritage and celebrating special holidays, he probably should have gotten permission before doing this. I don't know if I agree with the punishment though-I think having him remove the clovers would have been good enough, but to suspend him? Eh, I don't know...

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Hmmm ok torn, I guess what he was stamping if it was like walls that could be bad because ink (because of boys I know this) sucks to get off walls. You'll be using a bunch of magic erasers!!

The green shoes ... lol too funny I think he's just proud but need to know the line :)

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