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Love & Fleece "Lamby Lambpants" Review and ***Giveaway***


I recently had the awesome privilege to work with an incredible company named Love and Fleece who's motto is, "When it comes to what we get to do for a living, each day is a kiss from the Good Karma Fairy." How could I NOT work with a company and people like that?

Let me introduce you to Lamby Lambpants, an absolutely adorable stuffed lovey "invented over five years ago, a sassy cartoon lamb with blue cuffed pants and a plastic water bottle cap for an eye."  Lamby has a perceived disability with his missing eye. This gives parents, caregivers, or teachers the ability to help children learn that any disability, quirk or flaw they may have can be worn as a badge of courage. It's OK to love yourself exactly how you are.

There is also a digital component to each lovey where you can explore Lamby Lambpants' online world and listen to silly song parodies, wisdoms, and stories.. However, when you get your your OWN special toy, you receive a secret code so you can enter a special section on the site with even more content.

When I first got my package in the mail, I had to assure the doggies that it wasn't anything for them. Once I opened it and showed them Lamby, all of them except Mumbo lost interest. Mumbo wanted to see every little bit of Lamby (I kept the plastic on him because I have plans to give mine to a family in town with 4 children, one of whom is developmentally delayed). I let Mumbo rest his chin on Lamby (through the plastic) and he loved how soft Lamby was. Then I had to tell Mumbo to go away as I was going to really inspect Lamby.

I completely fell in love with him... he is so cute, I love his little jeans and how he moves his arms and legs. The bottle cap eye is actually adorable and truly unique. Something that would be great to start a discussion with your children, especially if you know someone that has a disability. I also LOVE the online site that Lamby has with his songs and stories, you really have to get one to get the full effect of the site. Kids will have so much fun with their toy and the site together. It is really well thought out.

The only problem I see with having one Lamby is if you have more than one child, they are not going to want to share because he is too cute and cuddly.

One of my absolute favorite things about this company, however, is the fact that they have what they call their "When you buy, We give" policy..... for every toy you buy, they give one to a sick or needy child. How truly wonderful is that!! Doesn't that make you want to go out and buy at least one right now? With September being Childhood Cancer Awareness month, think of all the good we could do if we all just bought ONE and Love and Fleece could match our purchase? How many happy children would that be.....

Well, one of my lucky readers has the chance to make one child very happy in the next two weeks because I have the awesome privilege of giving one Lamby Lambpants away through the extreme generosity of Love and Fleece, LLC.  Here is what you need to do to enter the giveaway:

MANDATORY entry: Head over to Love and Fleece website and tell me one thing you learned about the company or the people who run it. (To be fair, it cannot be the same as the entry before yours - at least let me know you looked at the website.)

Extra Entries (after mandatory entry has been done)
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Now the boring legal stuff:
-All entries must be individual comments and include your email address if it is not clearly in your profile, if I cannot find it, you cannot win.
-Winner will be drawn on Monday, Sept. 24th at 10pm ET via
- This is for U.S. contestants only. (Sorry my Canadian & other out of the country friends.)
-Winner will have 48 hours to respond to email, or another winner will be selected.

***More wonderful news from Love and Fleece... if you cannot wait to see if you won, or even if you want more than one and you DO win, the lovely people at Love and Fleece have decided to offer my fabulous readers free shipping on all orders placed in the month of September by using the code: freeship when you place your order.*** 

Let's make lots of children happy this month and good luck to all of you.

Disclosure: I received a product for purposes of review to write this post, no other compensation was received and all opinions are 100% mine. All photos courtesy of Love and Fleece website.



Christine Eubanks said...
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nicole flowers said...

After reading their story on their site I have to say I admire their persistence and integrity.

Lucy said...

Looks like a cute toy and their story is inspiring. I did find it interesting that Tina admitted she based a lot of their business plan on a successful shoe business that gives back to the community. It is nice to know other companies are trying :)

Ivette Muller, Thirty-One Gifts said...

Mandatory entry: I learned that this is just the first product in the line. I love the story and look forward to reading bout the next character!

polly said...

i learned that for everyone sold they also give one to a needy child.

dailymom said...

I learned their core values are empowerment, empathy, and entertainment
Heididaily at gmail dot com

dailymom said...

I like love and fleece on Facebook Heidi Reall Daily
Heididaily at gmail dot com

XmasDolly said...

How wonderful they started with a fluke from a dog. That kind of stuff I called fate, and then when husband creates character and wife creates business with a heart that's what I call teamwork with a solution.

XmasDolly said...

I liked lambpants on FB & left comment.

XmasDolly said...

I followed love & fleece on twitter

XmasDolly said...

I followed them on PInterest my name there Marie Moody, my name on twitter @Xmasdolly and my name on FB Marie Chamberlin Moody. Sorry I didn't see all that.

XmasDolly said...

I already follow you on twitter, silly girl! hehehehe @Xmasdolly

XmasDolly said...

I already get your mail that's how I found out about this cute give-away

xmasdolly at comcast dot net

XmasDolly said...

I follow you on Networked blog


XmasDolly said...

I tweeted this give-away

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh LOVE them, how freaking cute is that even the back side!!! And to give back just makes me love them more!!!

Empathy: we are a giving company and we hope to share those values with all who enjoy our toys. Entertainment: each character we create has a free website filled with great entertainment for kids and parents alike.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Liked them on FB. Alexis P

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Following them on Twitter. @alexisakamom

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Follow you on twitter :). @alexisakamom

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

I follow you, Alexis AKA MOM :)

XmasDolly said... Daily tweet

Andrew said...

I learned that for ever toy you buy, the company donates one to a child in need. That's pretty awesome!

XmasDolly said... Daily tweet

XmasDolly said...

XmasDolly said... Whew! Did I make it on time? I never can figure out the time change. I know my mother was 2 hrs behind me in Vegas when she lived there so you're 2 hrs ahead of me right? So like it's 10 to 10 there now it it's 10 to 8 here pm right/

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