Sunday, September 23, 2012

Yes, People We Have Five Doggies.....


Bill got this photo from a friend of ours and it reminded me of the reaction we get from people whenever we tell them we have five dogs. It really is hysterical and I fell in love with this photo.

Here are my babies.....

(L-R) Lady Mia, Nano, Mumbo, Mandy, Wiggles

I don't know if you would call us crazy, but how can you resist these faces?




 OK, yep, we ARE crazy, but we sure do have a lot of love in our house!

If you have enough room in your heart and home for a dog (or any other pet), PLEASE adopt don't buy - save a life with your love.



Anonymous said...

we have 2 rescues already and have been toying with the idea of another. yesterday we did some dog-sitting for my dad's 2 poodles. I've changed my mind, i can't deal with anymore, they took control of the house and I almost tripped over them a dozen times LOL

Jenine said...

I think it's great you have five fur babies. As you know, I'm also and animal lover and would keep adopting above and beyond what we currently have (three cats and one ferret) if I could but my husband would go ballistic on me. :)

Adaptable Kay said...

I agree with Jenine-The more the merrier! :) Plus, that's 5x the love, kisses, and enjoyment you've added to your life. And you know what they're saying: Animals extend the average human's lifespan :)

Unknown said...

Awww, they are adorable!! My grandma has a Yorkie and she bosses around my two 50 pound dogs whenever she comes over, it's so funny.

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