Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Classy Driving the Classic - Priceless

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A friend of mine sent me this video and I just had to pass it along. This woman is 101 years old and drives an 81 year old classic car - on which she can change the oil and the spark plugs..... neither of which I can do, by the way.
She is totally adorable and so proud of her car. Check out at the end how she uses the little red towel to step on the running board without getting it dirty, then brings it with her to use at her destination.  Enjoy.....

I love this woman and hope I am half as spry as she is when I am her age... Gives new meaning to the Little Old Lady from Pasadena.....



Lucy said...

Wow, 101 and driving an 81 year old car but even better was her talking in the video,I hope to be as young and all together at 101, heck can't even imagine being 101, she looked and sounded great!

Jenine said...

Amazing! She's very admirable. I really hope she doesn't get into an accident at some point (she seems a safe driver from the video) because if she does, you know their just going to jump on her about her age and probably not let her drive anymore. You know that how this society is these days - it's just terrible.

I thought the end was really cute. It looked like she puts a grip down for her foot on the running board.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

WOWzer just amazing! Girl I know only how to check my oil but that is about it .. LOL

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