Monday, March 22, 2010

CocaCola Happiness Machine

I'm not sure where this happened or even if it really is true or just a YouTube hoax, and I couldn't find anything showing it to be fake, but I think it is a great idea and wanted to share it with you... it really made me smile.

Coca-Cola could have just handed out some free coke, but decided to create a "Happiness Machine" in the student commons area of a University. It sure looks like a regular vending machine, but this group of college students was in for a surprise.

"Have a Coke and a Smile."

Until next time..... Lorie


Maria's Space said...

Thanks for sharing. I couldn't stop smiling. How awesome.

Margaret Cloud said...

I enjoyed the video and liked the way Coke made the kids happy. Thanks for sharing.

~ Noelle said...

i love coke... better than that "other one"
it makes me very happy :)

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