Saturday, September 25, 2010

They Like Me... They Really Like Me!!

My wonderful friend Dolly from XMasDolly has graced me with two awards and I am so grateful. Please head on over to her blog and check it out to see all the wonderful things she blogs about. She has great reviews, giveaways, terrific pictures of her family and we do a great meme together on Mondays called Monday's Music Moves Me - don't forget to come back to play along with us.

Here are the awards she so graciously passed on to me along with the rules and the bloggers I am giving the award to.....



Pass this on to five great blog neighbors.
A great blog neighbor as someone that consistently comments on your posts and responds to questions or comments that you have.

The five bloggers I am passing it on to are:

1. Noelle of Jumpin Beans
2. Tami of Misc. Ramblings
3. Alexis of Running Away? I'll Help You Pack
4. Freda of Day One
5. Erin of Slice o' Heaven


The Cherry on top Award Rules are:

~ Answer this question:

If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

I think the one thing I would change would be leaving my first husband earlier than I did. He was an emotional abuser and I had no self-esteem or self confidence so I had no courage to leave, and stayed much longer than I should have. I wouldn't say that I wish I never married him because he gave me two beautiful sons that have grown up into fabulous young men whom I cherish with all my heart and I wouldn't change that for anything. All the other things that have happened to me in my life, even the terrible things, have made me into the woman that I have become and have gotten me to the place in my life where I was able to fall in love again with my terrific husband, Bill, who is the most wonderful man in the world.

~ PICK 6 people with beautiful blogs with that little bit extra, give them this award, and let them know in a comment they have been awarded. 
Here are the six that I have chosen for this award:
1. Jennifer of Eighty MPH Mom
2. Michelle of Flying Giggles and Lollipops
3. Kim of What's that Smell?
4. Maria of Maria's Space
5. Amanda of My Kids Might Be Martians
6. Annette of Annette Funnyjello

Thank you so much, Dolly for being such a sweet friend, always being there for me, and giving me these awards, I truly don't deserve them - there are so many blogs that deserve them much more than I do and I have chosen some of those. Please go visit Dolly's blog along with all these other wonderful women that I have passed the awards on to and give them some bloggy love and let them know that how fabulous they are.


Tami W. said...

Seriously? An award for me? Oh thank you, thank you.

I'd like to thank the academy, and all the little people I had to step on to get here. Thank you so much!

**seriously girl - thanks a super ton for that, gives a girl a silly grin**

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Awww thank you! You are just the sweetest thing ever!

XmasDolly said...

hahahahaha Tami, you're a card! Lori SHUT UP! You do too deserve it cuz I said so. Love how you through our plug in there for Monday too! I just found my song with water! Did you find one yet? LOL HUGS BABY GIRL! Talk to you later, and thank you for all the kind words! EVERY ONE IS TRUE! rofl LMAO

Kimberly Grabinski said...

Awww thank you so much for the award!

fredamans said...

Thanks for the award Lorie! I love being your blogger neighbor! (((HUGS)))

Congrats on receiving both awards! You totally deserve them!

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Ah I just love ya. Thank you for the mention -- You're such a great friend!

Adaptable Kay said...

I totally disagree-You DO deserve all these awards!! If anyone is deserving of them, it's you :)

That being said, congratulations on both of your lovely awards :)

~ Noelle said...

I am so happy you got these awards!
YOU SO DESERVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thank you for awarding one to me :)

Simply Being Mommy said...

Congratulations Lorie!

Maria's Space said...

Awww..thanks Lorie (you award Queen you) that is really sweet of you.

Of course you deserve them, you are sweet, kind and always give blogger love and hugs. Thanks for being a friend.

Bill is a wonderful husband. Second time's the charm baby. You are lucky to have found each other.

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

Thanks Lorie for thinking of me. You are too sweet. I am so happy that destiny brought you and Bill together!

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