Sunday, October 17, 2010

Bloggy Friends are the Best

I have mentioned in the past that one of the things that I love the most about social networking is meeting people and becoming friends - real friends.  Distance and the fact that you have never actually met face to face doesn't make a difference when it comes to friendship in my book (or should I say laptop).

One of the people who I have met through blogging is Noelle of Jumpin-Beans and she has really been a God-send during my son Nikolaus' deployment to Afghanistan.  You see, her husband Marc has recently completed his tour of duty in Afghanistan.  Noelle was able to give me all kinds of advice as to what to include in my care packages, how to send them, how to keep in contact with Nikolaus, and many other little things. 

Not only has Noelle been there for all that much needed advice, she has always been there just to talk when I was depressed or worried or just missing my son. She is just a real sweetheart, always there to lend an ear or give me a pick-up or a cyber hug.  Then, out of the blue the other day I received a package in the mail from Noelle, Marc and their adorable son, Broxton.  This is what was inside:

They sent me this wonderful key chain just because Noelle saw it one day when they were out and she thought of me.  How sweet and thoughtful is that?  THAT is the kind of person my friend Noelle is and I just wanted all of you to know that.  If you have time, please head on over to her blog and let her know how wonderful I think she is and thank her for her husband Marc's service and the sacrifice that she made being a single mom while he was away.  Thank you.

And, thank you Noelle for being my friend. I hope some day that I can be the kind of friend to you that you are to me.  HUGS!!!


Colette S said...

Such a sweet woman she is. She is really delightful and care alot about others.

fredamans said...

Really sweet and what a welcomed surprise. Thankfully he will be home soon.


Adaptable Kay said...

Awwww, now that is a good friend for you!! Seriously, I can totally understand the bonds of friends you've only known through a computer screen. They are some of the strongest bonds a person can make despite contrary belief :)

I'm so glad that you can have those bonds, too!

~ Noelle said...

Thank you so much for that!
SO sweet!
I am so glad that I met you...
and can not wait until we meet face to face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, as a side note...
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the blog design!

Tami Winbush said...

You are a great wonder you make great friends! We all love ya gal!

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