Thursday, October 21, 2010

DiamondEarrings.Org Review

I was lucky enough to receive a free pair of earrings from to review.  Let me first tell you that I LOVE jewelry and I have a LOT... an armoire full, to be precise, so it takes good quality to impress me. TeeHee

First let me tell you that these are not real diamonds - would be nice, huh?  But, they are really very good quality synthetic diamonds which arrived in a very pretty jewelry box.

I find them to be very comfortable and a really nice size to be worn either alone or as a companion piece in a second hole.  They are also very believable as real diamonds for those of you who are worried that they may look "too big to be real."  I wear them in my second hole and have worn them every day since I received them about a month ago and have gotten several complements on the sparkle that they give off.  They are also princess cut, which is my favorite cut: my wedding ring has a princess cut diamond in the center and my wonderful husband got me a "Past, Present, Future" ring for one of our anniversaries that has princess cut diamonds.

Here's what they look like all alone and next to my genuine diamond earrings.. hard to tell the difference, right?

I really do love these earrings and the fact that they aren't real diamonds doesn't bother me at all. They look really pretty and you cannot tell that they aren't genuine.

You too can have a pair for yourself for just the cost of shipping because is a start-up company that wants to get their name out to as many people as possible.  Head on over to their site to see the details and for $3.77 for a limited time you can own a pair of these beautiful earrings yourself.

{FTC Disclosure: Thank you to for providing me these earrings for review so I can give my honest opinion of the product. No other compensation was provided.}


Adaptable Kay said...


Tami Winbush said...

They look good on you honey!

Beeb said...

I won a pair of these in a giveaway and they are very cute! They are going to make a fun Christmas present - I would wear them myself, but I don't have pierced ears! Maybe they can make a clip-on version. ;)

~ Noelle said...

glad you like them so much...
i no longer have pierced ears...
i keep letting them grow up
oh well

Alexis AKA MOM said...

I won a pair a bit back, so can't wait to find a reason to go out with them on! You think going to the grocery store in yoga pants and them would work? HEHE

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