Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy 10/10/10

I realized yesterday that today's date would be 10/10/10 and at 10:00 this morning it would be 10/10/10 10:00... pretty cool, huh?  I'm sure there are lots of people out there that figured that out LONG ago, but I'm a little slow on the uptake (blame it on my pain meds).

So, in honor of today, I thought I'd list 10 of my favorite things and ask you my dear friends to list them in your comments or even write a post of your own and put the link in your comment and I promise I'll come over and leave a comment for you. You all know how I love to visit you... even if it takes me a couple of days.  So here goes:

1. The MOST wonderful man in the entire world, who is my life and heart, Bill.

2. The best children I have ever known... my two sons, Alexander and Nikolaus.

3. My adorable puppies (from L to R) Nano, Mia, Mandie; along with the 3 I am still dog-sitting {really LONG story} Mai-Li, Maila, and Mumbo

4. Chocolate... need I say more????? 

5. My bloggy friends that have gotten me through some really difficult times and have kept me upbeat and supported through my son's deployment. (Only 6 more weeks until he comes home - WooHoo!)  I was lucky enough to meet a few of these darling people during the Disney Social Media Moms Conference.

  Reading 6. The terrific ladies in my book club, with special mention of Beth and Patti, who have been there with me since its formation. They too, have been such fabulous friends and always there to encourage me and lend a hand when I need it or just say the right thing or give a hug when no word will do.

7. The sunshine... it can always make any day better.  Mostly Sunny

8. A good book, it can take you to places you never knew existed or places to warm your heart.

 Hammock 1 9. A peaceful nap in the afternoon (of course with my puppies by my side).

10. Music... it can sooth, excite, or bring you back to a memory long forgotten.   Music 

Thanks for the indulgence... now please let me know what your favorite things are and have a wonderful 10/10/10. Hugs and friendship to you all....


~ Noelle said...

it is 10:10 here now!

~ Noelle said...

Got my post up for ya!

fredamans said...

Happy 10/10/10!

6 weeks left?! That is awesome Lorie! I'm happy and excited for you!

Simply Being Mommy said...

YAH! That's awesome that he'll be home in 6 weeks!

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said... sweet.

I didn't realize it was 10/10/10 until I was signing my authorization for my flu shot at church. You aren't alone:)

Tami Winbush said...

10/10/10 in bianary is 101010 which equals 42. 42 is the number known for being the meaning of life or something like that.

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