Monday, December 6, 2010

Monday's Music Moves Me - It's Hanukkah Time



Hey there my rockin' friends, it's time once again for our Monday's Music Moves Me, the fantastic music meme that XmasDolly and I are hosting, along with Larry from Cakeblast and Callie from JamericanSpice. Won't you play along... here are the rules:

First step: You need to run on over to You Tube, (or wherever your find your songs/videos) and get your pick for the day according to the theme. Upcoming themes are over on Dolly's blog on the right sidebar.

Second Step: Grab our "Monday's Music Moves Me" button above or on Dolly's right sidebar.

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In honor of the holidays, for the whole month of December, we are posting holiday songs.  Well, since Hanukkah began on Wednesday, I chose the following, with NO disrespect meant what-so-ever.  I happen to love the history behind the holiday of Hanukkah and I love this song as well.

Adam Sandler's Original Chanukah (Hanukkah) Song

Part 2 (not as good as the first, but still cute)

And finally, Part 3 (also not nearly as good as Part 1, but OK)

I think Part 1 will always be the funniest and the BEST, a true holiday classic.... OK, maybe not a classic, but I have to hear it every year, and it puts a smile on my face. Hope you liked it  - or at least tolerated it!

Now, don't forget to sign the linky and visit the participants and leave a comment. For more Monday music fun, visit Amanda, Run DMT and Hairbows & Guitar Picks. You may even be picked as the Spotlight Couple for next week like our couple for this week... who were chosen by The SPOTLIGHT COUPLE of the week for today is:

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So let's get dancing, get into the Christmas spirit and have some fun... Since next week we are continuing our theme of Christmas songs for the month. If you don't celebrate Christmas, that's OK, just post something that moves you, we are happy to have anyone play along - WE LOVE EVERYBODY!!



Stacy Uncorked said...

Part 1 will always reign supreme - but part 2 and 3 are still enjoyable! :) Have a great week, Lori! :)

MMMM: Up on the Housetop

Anonymous said...

Adam Sandler is my hero...ok not really but he is one funny dude and this is one of my favorites by him!

Pamela M. Kramer - A Renaissance Woman said...

Love me some Adam Sandler!! Great choice for this week.

Peggy said...


Adam Sandler could sing the Bible and I'd laugh!
...and a shout out to Chicago too!
Very NICE!

Run DMT said...

You had it right. Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song (Part 1, 2 or 3) is a classic in my book! I remember watching it live on SNL back in the day.

Last week, I featured some of my favorite Jewish artists for Hanukkah, which included some new spins of some classic Hanukkah songs.

This week, I'm spotlighting the new Glee Christmas album.

Colette S said...

I will have to listen to all 3 again! Adam is just so fun!

Loved it!

Stay warm :)

Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey said...

I LOVE Adam and his funny songs. The first part was always #1.

I just watched his 12 days of Christmas last night,lol.

Anonymous said...

FANTASTIC!! Worth a thousand smiles.

My boyfriend tells me that I'm the typical Jewish mother. I don't know what that means...but I've always wished I were Jewish.

Happy MMMM!!

XmasDolly said...

See this is why I keep you around you're hysterical. Your choices put a much needed smile on my face I know. LOL Talk at ya later - most hop hop hop! ROFL Adam Sandler really went big didn't he? Too funny!

Unknown said...

Adam Sandler can always give me a laugh and I do think this song is a classic among Hanukkah songs.. Thanks for sharing

Artsnark said...

Love the classics :D What fun - thanks for sharing

Self Sagacity said...

didn't know adam could sing? first one was funny. :-)

Hazel said...

These picks tell me I don't know much about Adam Sandler when I have watched several of his films. I appreciate learning more of Hanukkah. Love the Chanukkah song. It's cute.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lorie!
Adam Sandler is so funny! LOL
Thanks for the giggles! Good picks!

Cindy who is behind but that's nothing new! LOL

~ Noelle said...

and this always makes me laugh

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