Thursday, February 9, 2012

Remembering the 1st Happiest Day of my Life: Happy 24th Birthday Nikolaus William Murowsky


Twenty-four years ago today, my world changed for the better. One of the most wonderful things ever happened to me... I was blessed to become the mother of a precious little man named Nikolaus William. I was immediately in love! I never knew that kind of love existed, or the kind of joy when those beautiful blue eyes looked into mine with such trust and love.

He grew to be a fabulous little boy and then a wonderful big brother.....

Always the Disney Fan

Reading to his little brother, Alexander

As he got older, he was always so sweet to people of all ages, including his grandfather who he truly loved.

First time at new house

Last visit with grandpa

Then as he got older and graduated high school, he decided to serve his country by joining the Army Reserves and was sent overseas to do his tour of duty in Afghanistan. Even getting a promotion while in country. Making this mama SO PROUD!

Saying good-bye at the airport before he went to Afghanistan

Receiving a medal for Soldier of the Cycle
at his Basic Training graduation
Bill and Nik after his Basic Training graduation

Official US Army Photograph

 In Afghanistan

Now as he continues to serve our country whenever he is called, he is also taking classes to be and EMT/Paramedic and trying to get a job in a local police department. He works so hard and makes me so proud. So, Nikolaus, I just want you to know how very proud both Pop and I are of you and how much we love you.

Wishing you a wonderful birthday and all the happiness in the world. Love to you TTM&B!!



Penelope said...

He is following in my husband's foot steps :)

Nikolaus is a beautiful name, do you call him Niko?

XmasDolly said...

Hubba Hubba - HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU HUNK OF HANDSOMENESS! Is he married yet? Did some lucky girl snag him up yet? I know why make one happy when you can make them all happy! lol What a cutie Mommy, I can see why you're so proud.

kailani said...

Happy Birthday to a true Hero!

An Island Life

~ Noelle said...

happy birthday nik!
what a great young man

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