Friday, August 24, 2012

PSST..... Today is my Birthday!


Hello, my name is Mandie and today is my 3rd birthday.... well, as close to my birthday as I know, I don't really know when my real birthday is, I was abandoned by my original person after being hurt by him. It IS a day to celebrate, however!

Two years ago my life changed dramatically. The two most wonderful people walked into my life and they never looked back. As soon as mommy came into the room, I saw her and just knew that she was the one I wanted to be mine. So, I peered at her with my green eyes and gave her the, "please pick me up" look - and she did pick me up. I put my paws on her chest and stuck my nose under her ear and snuggled right into her. She started to scratch my ears and rub my back so softly. She gave me kisses on the top of my head - I had only been hit there before, I kind-of liked the kisses.

I sat there snuggling with her for over a half hour. I wouldn't let her look at any of the other doggies and I wouldn't let any of the other people see me. I could feel mommy's heart warming and beating in time with mine - this was love at first sight, we were meant to be together.

I didn't understand at first when she left me with the nice people who brought me to the store and they took me back to the cage - I was sad. But two days later, at Petco, I saw Mommy and Daddy come in with big smiles on their faces and a fluffy blanket, I went right into Mommy's arms and stuck my nose under her ear and snuggled with her - this time I was NOT going to let her go and neither was she!! They put me in a carriage and took me shopping for some new toys and a new bed, and even a special treat. Then we went HOME!! To my Forever Home.

I love living with Mommy, Daddy, and my brothers and sisters. I get to play all the time, I go for walks with the whole family, I get fed every day - twice a day, really good food (Mommy is a good cook), I even get treats every day, and I NEVER get hit, even if I have an accident in the house (sorry you had to wash the carpet, Daddy). I get all the love I could ever ask for... I am SO happy that Mommy and Daddy chose me to live with them.... that is the BEST birthday gift a puppy could ask for.

I love you, Mommy (you, too Daddy),

P.S. We love you, too, Mandie! Mommy & Daddy xoxox 

If you have the room in your heart and home for a dog (or cat), PLEASE check your local shelter, you will be saving a life, and you will get SO much love in return. Thank you!



Jenine said...

Oh would you look at that sweetie! We adopt our precious babies too. I can't tell you how long we sat with the various kitties at the animal shelters to find our newest and most wonderful cat. Even after adoption, my girls and I will go visit the shelter and sit with the kitties so they get lots of attention. The shelter person loves it when we come in and she's commented on how she doesn't worry about the girls at all because she's seen the way they behave around the animals. :)

XmasDolly said...

WOOF WOOF! Love Baby!

Barbara said...

She is a cute baby!

Unknown said...

Happy 3rd birthday, sweetie!
So cute !!!

Adaptable Kay said...

Awwww! What a very sweet and heartwarming post. You are truly an incredible soul my Cyber Aunt! All that endless love for your family, people and fur babies alike :)

Happy 3rd(ish) birthday to a beautiful little girl!

~ Noelle said...

that is so sweet...
so glad she has yall...

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