Saturday, January 8, 2011

365 Project - January 8th: Where'd that Damned Squirrel Go???


Here's Lady Mia trying to climb up a tree after a squirrel.

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Have a great Weekend!



Joanie said...

What's up the tree???

Self Sagacity said...

haha, did she really say that? thought she might be looking for a birdie?

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

You got a blog makeover!! It looks fabulous - congrats!

Very cute picture...squirrels are pretty sneaky :0

Adaptable Kay said...

Hehe. Too cute ^.^
Looks like my dog...Except MUUUUCH smaller. Lol

Faythe said...

Bhwahahaahaa!! at least yours figured it out that the squirrel went up that tree! it took mine forever to figure that out! she would take off yapping & then stop & look all around puzzled, like "I know he was here a second ago? disappeared into thin air?" thanks for the fun memory :)
~hugs, Faythe @GMT~

Maria's Space said...

She looks so cute. Don't know about by you but the squirrels here are nasty to each other. They fight and make loud, nasty noises as they chase each other.

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