Sunday, January 30, 2011

Monday Mingle: Non-Vlogging Style


My dear friend Jennifer (aka Speedy) over at Eighty MPH Mom has been hosting this meme since August 2009 now and I love seeing everyone's post, but I haven't been able to participate because I don't have a webcam or a video camera so don't post vlogs. Well a couple of weeks ago Jennifer announced on her blog that she was opening up Monday Mingle to us non-vloggers... WooHoo!!! So today I am participating in my very first Monday Mingle... I hope you enjoy and think about joining and certainly visiting Jennifer and all the other minglers, they are a fantastic bunch of bloggers!!

Here is what you have to do: 

"Each week three questions are asked, and you can answer via a written post, or a vlog post. If you have always wanted to try vlogging, Monday Mingle vlog meme is a fun way to try vlogging. If you’d like to join in the fun, answer the 3 weekly questions in short vlog on your blog, or a written blog post, then link up {on Jennifer's blog} in the linky. Please post the above button within your post and link to Eighty MPH Mom, so readers can easily find other participants. Visit the other participants, learn about them and have fun! It’s not too late you can link up anytime during the week."

Easy peasy, right? So, here are the questions for this week:

1. What is one food or drink you cannot live without?  I originally thought I was going to say chocolate, but when I really put my mind to it, I have to say it's bread.  I ADORE bread, I could make a meal out of a fresh loaf of French bread and butter... or if I have some Brie cheese....OOOOO, I'm in heaven!

2. Are you a foodie? Do you like to cook or are you a food blogger?  I do like to cook, I don't have a food blog. But because of my disability, I can't do as much cooking as I'd like to. I wasn't much of a cook when I first started dating Bill, but he married me anyway... I got better over the years, then got hurt. If I find that I'm having a better day, I will do a lot of cooking that day, of course then I usually pay for it the next couple of days. HaHa.

3. What is your one easy family friendly recipe, or amazing supersecret recipe that you are known for?  I make a chicken/pasta dish that we call "Chicken Alexander" that is a Mediterranean type dish with tomatoes and olives. I have entered it into a contest and I can't publish it here right now, when the contest is over - I'll share it then. Wish me luck.  I also make an AWESOME French-vanilla buttercream frosting that was my grandmother's recipe... it is a family secret, but you can probably find something like it called a 7-Minute Frosting in a Betty Crocker cookbook - it's similar.

And that completes my very first Monday Mingle... I hope you enjoyed it. I hope someday to get a Flip cam to do real vlogs and participate fully. Please remember to join in link up with Eighty MPH Mom and visit the other participants!



Nolie said...

Welcome to the mingle. Good luck on the contest.

Stitchblade said...

What you said about cooking a bunch in one day is what I did today! I made chili, meatloaf and then the meat for lasagna. I know I need to take advantage of those moments and get as much done as possible!

Lol, dang you people that don't allow name/url!
Brandy~Not So Average Mama

Anonymous said...

New follower from Momdot. I hope you take a moment to follow back.

Have a super week,

•´.¸¸.•¨¯`♥.Erin.♥´¯¨•.¸¸.´• said...

Hooray!! So glad you joined in Lorie :) Mm yes bread. We've made many dinner nights just off a good loaf and brie YUM!
Ooh good luck with the contest! I can't wait to hear the recipe. Sounds right up my alley.

Merry said...

Welcome to the Mingle! I agree with you about bread....especially fresh made bread. YUM!

Good luck on the contest. That recipe sounds divine.

Tammy said...

Yum, warm bread and butter has to be the best! I recognize you from momdot...:) I am going to try and get a post up tomorrow for the Monday Mingle. I love Jenn so thought I would visit some of her friends tonight. Happy Monday...oh, and I am your newest follower too! :)

Jessie said...

Good luck on the contest! This is my first mingle too :) I think that the frosting makes the cake. Sometimes I take the lazy girls way out and buy a box but the frosting always has to be my homemade buttercream.

Cluttered Brain said...

Mmm. Welcome to the mingle.
For the record, it took me a year to actually win my Flip video camera...*sigh*

Nice. i like that you said bread and brie...yum.
Love that chicken alexander...that sounds WONDERFUL.
hope you get a laptop or Flip soon...Good LUCK!

Blessings Abound said...

Hey Lorie! It's been some time since we've talked and so glad to see you participate in MM! :)

I said chocolate, but I do adore bread... and butter... and cheese too!

I'm sorry to hear that your disability prevents you from cooking. That must be a challenge!

I hope you do well in the contest and I can't wait to see your recipe. Sounds intriguing! :)

Unknown said...

YAY! Lorie is mingling!! Although, I have to tell you I was all excited to get to SEE you again... (get to vloggin girl, you are MARVELOUS!) You know I have to honestly say I NEVER eat bread... I buy like one loaf a MONTH and have to keep it in the freezer so it doesnt go bad, LOL

SEE you next week!?! :)

Momstart said...

Your recipes sounds wonderful Lorie! Did you know that Theo makes a chocolate bar with bread in it? It puts bread and chocolate into a deliciousness, I bet you would love it!

Telling Dad said...

Hi there! I didn't realize that it was a written Monday Mingle but I love it. Much faster than watching something like mine, which is 8+ minutes of dorky drivel.

Oh, and I'm intrigued by the butter cream. If it's not a secret, hook me up! :)

Unknown said...

That frosting sounds great! Good Luck on the contest and welcome to Monday Mingle.

Paula Schuck said...

Hi Lorie: Nice to meet you. I hope you can share that recipe soon. Also good luck with the contest. Paula

Denise Kline said...

Hello! Stopping by from Monday Mingle!

Denise Kline
My Blog

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Hi Lorie! You have no idea how happy I am that you mingled!! I love hearing your answers - vlog or not :)

OMG - Bread...yes!! And Brie? We would get along fabulously!

Your frosting sounds heavenly...yum. And I guess I'll just have to wait for your to post the Chicken Alexander.

Thanks so much for your kind words above, and for joining in!

Daenel T. said...

Welcome to the Mingle! Mediterranean Chicken ~ yum! Bread is awesome. I didn't even think about that but you're right, there are times when I get the "right" piece of bread and I'm like Oooooohhhhhh! LOL

~ Noelle said...

good luck in the contest...
you can make that for us whenever you want! LOL

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