Saturday, September 17, 2011

Week in Review: Computer Problems, Migraine, Vertigo, Back Pain, New Business Venture, Plus PSA


I know that you have all had one of "THOSE" weeks... well this was one of mine. I'll spare you all the little details, but give you the overall.....

As you saw by by Monday's Music Moves Me post, I suffered from some terrible vertigo that lasted through Tuesday - along with a spill down a few stairs that aggravated my back and nerves down my right leg. So I've been having trouble walking, sitting and sleeping all week - gotta head back to my neurosurgeon next week to see what's up with that.  On top of that with the weather changes we've been having, the air pressure has been having a ball with my migraines - UGH!! So I have had to try and sleep more and take more medication than usual (the naps have been helping make up for the sleep I'm not getting during the night). Add one more issue - problems with my computer, a virus that snuck in somehow - and that was the straw that broke the camels back!

All of this has led to my depression rearing its ugly head. Those of you who suffer from this debilitating disorder (I suffer from PTSD that leads to anxiety and depression) know how these things can just pile on and you think you are doing OK, then - BAM - you finally can't handle it anymore. I am so lucky to have a couple of great friends and my wonderful husband to help me through these times, but it makes it truly hard to write on my blog, which then makes me even more upset because I feel like I'm neglecting my friends and another responsibility. A vicious cycle... many of you may understand.

We have also been trying to get our yard cleaned up for our re-inspection by our HOA as we (along with SEVERAL of our neighbors) received a letter stating that we were in violation of the covenants agreement we all signed when we bought our house. Now I do truly appreciate the HOA keeping our community nice and neat and beautiful, but this year they really seemed to go for the jugular and cited things that had been deemed OK during the last 5 years of inspections... another irritating item in my life. We ended up having to purchase 8 bags of mulch, 3 bags of topsoil, and 85 pieces of sod to fix everything... Can I just say that if I NEVER have to touch a piece of sod again, it will be too soon. This also added to the pain in my back and neck as Bill and I had to do the work ourselves since we didn't have the money to pay someone to do the labor. Our neighbor had similar violations and it cost him over $400 to have someone do the work - no way we could afford that.

On a MUCH happier note, besides the fact that I think I have gotten rid of my computer virus (WooHoo), Bill and I are working on a new business venture together with a wonderful friend of ours. It is a fabulous skin care line designed by dermatologists with prescription ingredients to help with all our needs from adult acne, rosacea, to (my favorite) anti-aging. I cannot wait to introduce it to you... once we are all set up, I'll give you all the details and have a marvelous giveaway worth $300.00!! I hope you are as impressed with it as I am, Bill has even noticed how much softer my face is and I notice a difference in the fine lines. YAY!! So keep your eyes open for all the info and the giveaway coming in the next couple of weeks.

One more thing... my PSA For the Week: I have scheduled my annual mammogram for next month. I just want to remind all my darling friends to get your boobies checked... take a friend, take your sister, take your mother, remind a stranger ~~ it could save a life, maybe even YOURS!

Don't Forget..... Get Your Mammies Grammed!!

Hope you all had a great week and are enjoying the last few days of summer. Things should be getting back to normal around here ~ well as normal as things can be with an old man, a crippled wife =) and six doggies. HaHa

Love you all and thanks for all your support... HUGGLES!



Faythe said...

Healing huggies my sweets... we sound like twins in the body-head problem department :( (grr) I have my neuro apt this week too...
I was under the assumption that the HOA took care of the yard upkeep? but then, I have never lived in a condo(?) or had to deal with a hoa... but did do the mulch & dirt things earlier this year & many times before! I need a truckload of dirt to fix a problem right now, so it waits until $$ fairy showers on us too. ((Hugs)) Faythe @ GMT

Anonymous said...

Hugs to you :-) They won't give me a mammogram yet... I keep asking .. I forget what age they say you have to start but I wish they would just do it now.

Jennifer-Eighty MPH Mom said...

Oh gosh, what a terrible week you have had. You SO don't deserve that, you are one of the sweetest, dearest people I know.

I hope you will be feeling better very the meantime, rest mama!

HUGS (oops I typed jugs and had to retype it twice!)

Katie said...

What a terrible week - But it did have some silver lining in it! I hope that this week coming up will be better for you!

Barbara said...

Feel better soon Lorie, and no more falls! Mammogram----had mine back in March, and it was ok!

Maria's Space said...

Oh my goodness, so sorry to hear this is going on with you and I have been MIA. Take care of yourself woman! Hopefully all is well and those mammos suck but they are so worth knowing and protecting. Taking care of the tatas are important. Your girls with thank you although mine get pissed at the squishing. They get over it eventually.
Good luck on your new endeavor. Sounds wonderful. Wishing you all the luck in the world. Love Maria

Adaptable Kay said...

Oh dear, Lorie...You've definitely had the week from hell it sounds like :(

Don't worry-I DO understand. The being sick that gets in the way of everyday life, the overwhelm that eventually leads to the depression-Been there and done that many a times unfortunately.

Hopefully this next week is WAY better for you then this week!! That new business venture sounds very interesting and exciting-I can't wait to see what it's all about :D

Much love to you from your friend in Illinois!

Tricia Night owl mama said...

Vertiago is the worst I had a case of that for about 4 days it was horrible

I'm so glad to hear ur feeling better now and sounds like a great new adventure that u have coming up

~ Noelle said...

i hate that... if we lived near you, i would have had marc over there to help.. and broxton over to make you smile.
hope you are getting better

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Oh hun I'm sorry I'm behind reading this. I'm so sorry this chain of events happened all at once to you :(.

I hope this week is much better!!

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