Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Good Bye to Tyson - A Wonderful Rottweiler

I have some sad news from my friends Rodney and Tolliny... their beloved Rottweiler, Tyson, whom they have had for 14 years had to be put to sleep this morning due to cancer. He had been suffering very much lately and is now no longer so. His was able to enjoy a t-bone steak for dinner last night, and was very happy when he went to bed.
He was the sweetest, most gentle and loving dog you could ever know... When you first saw his big 100+ pound body, you might step back, a little frightened, but then as soon as you got up to him, you knew that he was a sweetie. I don't think I ever heard him growl or bark, even when his "little brother", Lucky ~ a 5 pound Yorkie, would run around and play with him. They were the best of friends. Tyson was like a child to Rodney and Tolliny and I know they will miss him terribly.
These are Tolliny's words today, in her grief, she has thought of others:
Though it seems a little hard at this precise moment we're going to be fine.

We are choosing to celebrate not the sadness of right now but the full life that he lived.
I'm sure we'll have some moments but we already have such a peace about it-he wasn't born to suffer & neither were we.
So today if you're pet owners give your pet an extra treat(for Tyson).
If you're a parent give an extra hug to your child(ren).
If you're reading this-show your love to someone today-it's a great day to celebrate life.
It's our choice.
Until next time..... Lorie

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Simply Being Mommy said...

Oh no! That is so terribly sad. Send my condolences to Rodney and Tolliny {hugs}!

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