Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Disney World with Alex, Part 1: Magic Kingdom

While Alex and Rachel were visiting, we went to Disney World three times {we have annual passes and go all the time}. This was Rachel's very first visit, and her best friend Devon works there so she got her a pair of Mickey ears with her name embroidered on the back and a special pin with her name written in calligraphy. We all had such a great time. Hope you enjoy the photos. We really love how Disney decorates for the holidays - it is so beautiful, and of course we got a chance to see Mickey and Minne!

Alex, Rachel and Devon.

This is something that Alex and Bill have been doing every time we go to Disney. Each time we end up at one of the 3-D adventures, they put their glasses on upside down and pose for a photo. However last summer they were the same height, and the year before, Alex was shorter. This was quite disturbing to Bill... :-)
Until next time..... Lorie


Simply Being Mommy said...

I want to take the children to Disney so bad! I hoping someday soon :)

The pictures are great and it looks like a fabulous time.

Mrs.Who said...

Lorie I love Disney World. My son has yet to go so I am looking forward to going. Although that will not be happening till 2012. I am a planner aheader if that's even a word lol. Great pics.

Gem said...

Looks like it was a blast!

I would love to visit Disney World one day!

Unknown said...

Wow, it looks like you all had a blast! I want to go to Disney so bad one day! I wish I was closer.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Talk about so much fun! LOVE all the pictures they are so cute! LOL poor Bill, Alex took some growth pills ... LOL ;)

Too cute!

Maria's Space said...

So cute!
I love that you got to experience Rachel's first time at Disney World. I bet her face hurt from smiling.

The picture of Bill and Alex makes me smile. It is cute that they do that every time they go.


I am dying to take my two there.

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