Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hubby Got a New HP Pavilion p6230y Desktop Computer

My husband's computer died a couple of weeks ago which made him very sad...

However, we were very lucky to find a great price on an HP Pavilion p6230y Desktop over at BestBuy, so we headed over and picked one up.

Believe it or not, the two of us were able to set it up together following the one page directions included and it worked right away - NO WAY, you say... believe me, I was shocked myself!!

Here are some photos of the before and after.....

Cleaning up the old mess.....

Opening the box, reading the directions.... all the wires in the back.

Nano sitting out of the way.... and the finished product.

Nano has found his spot to sit with daddy, he does visit him once in a while just to make sure he is OK during the day - it is usually after I have brushed or bathed him and he is mad at me.

Bill is really happy with his new HP computer, he says it goes REALLY fast and that makes him very happy {boys and their toys...}.

Until next time..... Lorie

[I received no compensation for this post from anyone.
I actually PAID for the privilege of using the HP computer.
I just wanted people to know how much we liked the computer.]


XmasDolly said...

Hey gf, haven't talked to you in a while. Wanted to say congrats on the puter. I got one of those too. Well, it's an HP something or other. Does yours have Windows 7? It's driving me nuts & the keyboard some of the buttons are in a different place. Otherwise it's cool! Have a great weekend and good luck with your new computer.. or should I say to your Hubby! lol Later, Dolly

Gem said...

Ooooh! I can imagine how sad he was when his computer died, but I'm sure he's loving his new one!

Gem said...

Ooooh! I can imagine how sad he was when his computer died, but I'm sure he's loving his new one!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

LOL yup we bought didn't win it like we wanted to ... LOL

Looks great and Nano you're too cute, don't be mad at mama she's just making you pretty ;)

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

We have an HP as well. How big is his monitor, it looks like the same size as mine. I have the one where you can turn it to view horizontally or vertically, is that what his does?

I am sure he is going to love it!

Anonymous said...
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Maria's Space said...

Good for you guys setting it all up.

It looks like a really nice computer. We need to start considering one for our kids. I have been sharing mine which makes me a little crazy. They are using it for educational purposes for now so I can't complain.

Look at Nano! The cutest dog ever.

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