Monday, September 7, 2009

Bitch & Moan Friday (Yeah, I know it's Monday)

Fairy Blog Mother

Annette at Fairy Blog Mother has started Bitch & Moan Friday. In her words to "vent your frustrations, bitch about your hubby, your job, that you ran out of dog food. No gripe is excluded. Anything that irritated you this week...bitch and moan about it!"

Yes, I know that I am late, but if you read my blog regularly, you will know that I spent Friday at the doctor because I was sick all week. So I'm late and if you're upset about me being late, bitch & moan about it on YOUR blog.

Here's mine:

~ My doctor's office (NOT the doctor), why the hell DON'T THEY ANSWER THE PHONE??? It will ring and ring and ring. Then when you finally get someone on the phone, of course they never have an appointment until a week from NEVER!!

~ Lawyers commercials! I think they just sit around THINKING of who they can screw next, "Have you ever breathed in air? Well maybe you have such-and-such disease! Call me and I'll get you a bazillion dollars." (Can you tell I've been watching a LOT of TV this week?)

~ TV weathermen, oh, I'm sorry, METEOROLOGISTS. What other job can you be WRONG more than 50% of the time and STILL get paid???

~ Chain smokers..... I know I was eating breakfast in an outside cafe, because that's where the dogging dining is, we take Nano for breakfast on Sundays. I'm finally starting to feel alive enough to leave the house, so we go for breakfast on Sunday and halfway through our breakfast these 2 nasty-looking women come in and sit at the table next to us... there was a table over in the corner near NOBODY else... and proceed to chain smoke (BOTH of them) during the entire time they, and us, are eating. How can you even taste your food when you smoke like that? You know ladies I HAVE BRONCHITIS!!!! They didn't even get a clue when I had a coughing fit!

O.K. I'm done.... now it's your turn.....

Grab the button and link up your bitch and moan blog post over at Fairy Blog Mother.

Until next time..... Lorie

1 comment:

Alexis AKA MOM said...

OMGosh I'm loving this girlie! Thanks so much, I'll have to join in.

I so need a job that allows 50% wrong in these hard times, come on! LOL

How about the Lawyer billboards! They are so cheesey!

Yup not liking smoking to begin with but the impluse to keep going and not taking a break ... yucky!

You crack me up girl so what I needed :) Muah

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