Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bitch & Moan Friday ~ Yeah, I Know it's Sunday (Again)

Fairy Blog Mother

Annette at Fairy Blog Mother has started Bitch & Moan Friday. In her words to "vent your frustrations, bitch about your hubby, your job, that you ran out of dog food. No gripe is excluded. Anything that irritated you this week...bitch and moan about it!"

I realize I am late again this week... but it's my blog, so tough! Here goes:

~ I'm gonna bitch again about Doctor's offices, but this time, it's a different doctor.... This one was supposed to schedule The Hubs for his lithotripsy (blasting the kidney stone out of his right kidney). Actually this is a RE-schedule from the original one that she NEVER even called to tell me was scheduled and I had to cancel because it was 1 week after his major gallbladder surgery. I had to call her TWICE to get her to schedule the damn thing, then she finally called me back to tell me it would be in EIGHT DAYS, but she didn't have the exact time and she would call me the next day.... Did I hear from her????? NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!! I had to call her again, I left a message 3 days later first thing in the morning - no call all day. So I called her the next day first thing and finally got to talk to her and SHE GIVES ME ATTITUDE!! So I ask real sweet like, if she has the time yet, which of course she does right at her finger tips, and I ask if she happens to have gotten in touch with the insurance company for preapproval, which she has, and I ask if she would mind calling me back with the auth. number, oh, wait, she has THAT right at her finger tips, too. So, OK, if she has all this stuff all ready, WHY THE HELL DID SHE NOT CALL ME??? This is Friday, he has surgery Thursday!!! What a BITCH!! If there were another Urologist that took our insurance, man we would be outta there sooner than The Hubs could piss on her desk!!!

~ Speaking of health insurance companies..... Do they have a policy to ONLY hire people that DO NOT speak English. Now, I am not trying to be mean, but the last six times that I have called my insurance company, I have had to say "excuse me" more times than I can count. It is supposed to be CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! I am the customer, I want some service.... Of course, AFTER I have pushed number ONE for ENGLISH!!!

~ Now, I don't have any little kids in the house anymore, so it's really not like I'm gonna have to explain what a condom is or what Extenze is for, but what the HELL are commercials for those products doing on the TV at 10:20 in the MORNING????? I was watching the Twilight Zone marathon on Labor Day and this commercial came on when this really "excited" couple ran up to the pharmacy counter and produced a condom and asked something about what they put in it or some such nonsense.... I just looked at it with my chocolate donut falling out of my mouth until the couple asked for lots more and then asked if the store took debit cards. The commercial closed with a really old lady buying a huge pack of condoms. WTF?????

OK, I'm done for now..... Your turn.

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Until next time..... Lorie

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Annette said...

Customer Service people that do not speak english irritate the piss out of me. I've done CS and I can't count how many times I was thanked for being able to speak and understand english.

I soooooo wanna see that commercial. LOL I'm gonna have to go YouTube it.

And speaking of Extenze. Did you know they make Extenze for Women and they sell it at 7-11? My hubby told me that. What exactly could be "extended" on a woman? LOLOLOLOLOL

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