Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bitch and Moan Friday on Sunday - 11/15/09

Fairy Blog Mother

It's time again for Bitch and Moan Friday. But as I like to call it here at the Shewbridge Household... Bitch and Moan Sunday, sorry Annette.

Head on over to Fairy Blog Mother to find out why Annette started this meme and to read her post and the other's linked to her blog.

Here are the reasons I'm bitchin' this week ~~

The Walmart Salesman Who Made a Liar Out of Me

If you recall on my post about my new laptop, I told you all about these great one day sales that Walmart was going to have every Saturday until Christmas that would be announced on Wednesdays on their website {not even gonna post their website I'm so pissed}. Well, I told you all this because I was told that by the salesman in the Electronics department of my local Walmart, who actually spoke English and seemed to know what he was talking about. Well guess what, he apparently LIED to me.... I have been on the Walmart website every day since last Wednesday, and NO SIGN of any one day sales like he said. I'm sorry if I got any of you all excited, because, yes, my laptop WAS a great deal, and I was looking for more great deals just like it for myself and others on my Christmas list. {I need a new camera, ya know}. Guess we'll just have to wait until Black Friday - which I refuse to shop on!!!

War {"What is it good for? Absolutely nothin'!"}

I am tired of everyone trying to settle their differences by blowing each other up with bombs and guns and tanks, etc. Can't we all just get along.... Yes, I am just a little partial about this subject because my baby just got sent off to Afghanistan, so cut me some slack. I can be against war, but still support the warrior, which I DO - 100%!!! {"Good God, Ya'll"}

Reality TV

Yeah, I know a LOT of you really like it... so don't be sending me hate mail!! But it is so totally annoying, and it has gotten so out of control that people are doing such stupid things to try and get themselves on TV (um, anybody ever heard of Balloon Boy, The Goslins, Octomom, and Gordon Ramsey???). What ever happened to "Happy Days", "MacGuyver", "Star Trek", and "Little House on the Prairie"??? OK, so I'm a little geeky - sue me!!

Pet Strollers

I mean really, WTF???? Doggies are meant to WALK!! I have an ity bity Yorkie, with little legs, who is spoiled rotten, and HE walks when we go out. If he gets tired, or if there are too many people around and I don't want him to get stepped on, I pick him up. I don't put him it this fancy little stroller that costs more than the stroller I bought for my CHILDREN... and believe it or not I love my children MORE than I love my dog!!

OK, I'm done... what pissed you off this week?

Don't forget to link your post to Annette's blog.

Until next time..... Lorie

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Liz Mays said...

The Walmart situation would totally tick me off too!

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