Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Studious Yorkie

This is Mumbo, the biggest of the Yorkies at our house right now.  He is 2 years old and is the one that watches over the little ones, he makes sure that they are all OK whenever he hears them bark, whine or make any kind of noise.  He is such a sweetie to me, he loves to cuddle with me and loves to have his belly scratched.  I was trying to read the other day during some down time while we were working at the dry cleaners and Mumbo didn't like the fact that he wasn't getting any attention, so he kept pawing me me until I gave him my undivided attention.  I decided to put my reading glasses on him and he just let me put them on and left them there so I could take his picture.  He didn't try to knock them off or shake them off, I did have to hold them on one side a little because my head is a bit bigger than his, but he was so good to let me put those on him.  Doesn't he look just adorable???

I had a migraine last week and Mumbo was right there lying beside me and licking my face, neck and eyes making sure I was OK.  He just knew that I didn't feel good - of course, Nano was there, too, because he always knows exactly how I feel and takes good care of me.  I just love them.

Hope you enjoyed this little insight into one of my fur-babies.


Tami Winbush said...

What a little smarty pants! :)

Margaret Cloud said...

I just love the eye glass photo. You know animals, especially dogs know when we are not 100 percent.

~ Noelle said...

now that is too cute

Alexis AKA MOM said...

That is too freaking adorable!!!

I hope your migraine didn't last long. I'm so glad they are taking care of you.

Maria's Space said...

He does look very studious. Dogs are so smart.

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