Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bitch and Moan Fri.... UH..... Sunday

Fairy Blog Mother

{First, I know it's Sunday, just leave me alone..... }

It's time again for Bitch and Moan Friday. Head on over to Fairy Blog Mother to find out why Annette started this meme and to read her post and the other's linked to her blog.

Here are the reasons I'm bitchin' this week ~~

Physical Torture Therapy

Twice a week I have to head over to the hospital to be pulled, twisted, stretched, and lift weights until I am in extreme pain; and then they attach electrodes to my lower back, sending small amounts of electricity through my body, then put a huge heating pad on me (OK that kind-of feels good) - this all last for about an hour. They do all this to a part of my body where nuts, bolts, screws, and, yes, even cadaver bone (yeah, dead people) has been inserted - so it really hurts like hell. Then I'm supposed to do exercises twice a day every other day of the week, just to torture myself some more.... My surgeon has not given me nearly enough pain meds for this.

Migraine Headaches

OK, so the above mentioned torture has increased my migraines so much that I want to spend lots of time in bed, and the meds that work the best for my migraines cost $30 a pill. Won't be getting those until January when the insurance starts over again.... Don't worry not gonna go there again!

Stupid Commercials

So, I am sure you have your faves, but I have a few of my own: Geico: (1) the money with the big eyes, and (2) those idiot Cavemen; ANY commercial with rap music; commercials that you can't tell what the hell the product is; and the one I hate the most: Bob Dance Car Dealership - Local Florida commercial, that plays 2 or 3 commercials - EVERY break with his obnoxious little daughter: {As I type this one paragraph, the little bitch is ON TV!! TWICE!!}

OK, I'm done... what pissed you off this week?

Don't forget to link your post to Annette's blog.

Until next time..... Lorie


Annette said...

When I was going to physical therapy I called it physical torture too. And that shit is expensive! It's cheaper for me have a sore knee on occasion that go to him to have him torture me, then send me home to be in more pain than I was. I know it works...but I can't afford it.

Liz Mays said...

$30 a pill??? That's awful! As is the torture they put you through! :(

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