Sunday, October 18, 2009

Bitch & Moan Friday on Sunday

Fairy Blog Mother

It's that time of week again. Time to bitch and moan and vent out all your frustrations before the weekend. Or in my case, before the beginning of the new week.

Then head on over to Fairy Blog Mother read Annette's post {which is always hysterical, and by that I don't mean to laugh at her, I mean to commiserate with her} and link up your post.

Here what pissed me off this week:

My laptop

It feels the need to just stop working whenever it feels like it... AOL just stops, I get the hourglass that keeps going and going and going forever... like the Energizer bunny. I have to pen the task manager (you know: control-alt-delete) and close AOL that way; then restart it up again. Also my letter "G" keeps sticking... {Go up and look at my sentence above about AOL, do you realize how many times I had to go back to fix that sentence - there are TEN "g"s in that sentence??? DAMN!!!} I'm sure it all goes back to that damn virus I got a couple of months ago. I can't seem to completely clear it up, and my laptop is so old that it is not worth paying someone to repair everything that is wrong with it. I need to save money for a new one. Which leads to my next B&M.....

Our Finances

Hate to say it but, they suck thanks to Medicare... We are in what they affectionately call the "donut hole". It is a gap in the Part D, or prescription coverage, that doesn't pay for anything except generic (oh, right, they are $4.00) until I have paid a total of $4,200.00 myself in prescriptions. If I had that much money to pay for prescriptions, I wouldn't need health insurance. I know that there are LOTS of people without ANY insurance at all, and believe me that pisses me off, too. In the most well-developed country in the world, everyone should be covered, but especially people who worked and put money into the Social Security system and now need that money for their medications. One of mine is over $250 per month and one is just over $175 per month. Then I have one for my migraines that is $30 per PILL!! YEAH, I'll say something has to be done about healthcare in our country.

5/3 Bank

I don't know if you have this bank in your area, but the name of this bank just drives me nuts! I know it is a petty thing, but who the hell thought up the idea to name a bank a fraction? And an improper fraction at that? Plus, try to say it out loud -- correctly!! FIFTH ~ THIRD, you cannot say it properly without saying it slowly and sounding like an idiot... Then if you say it quickly, you sound like you are lisping. I think the person who thought of the name should be fired and the person who said yes to the name should be fired as well, and then have to repaint all the signs when they come up with a real name for the bank.... Stupid idiot.

Monday Night Football on 10/12/09

OK, please don't jump all over me, but I am one of those people who believe that in America, we should speak one language - English. I am not prejudice or anti-immigration. My ancestors came from other countries, just as almost all other Americans' ancestors did. However, my Irish, Swedish, and German ancestors learned to read and write English to live and work in this wonderful country that we live in. During the MNF game there were several commercials, that I paid for because I have DirecTV, that were shown in Spanish, which I do not speak or understand. I also have about 8 channels on my DirecTV that are included in my package, that I have to pay for that I do not use, that are in Spanish - one of which is ESPN in Spanish and another is Telemundo... both of which show Monday Night Football. There was also one of the fouls called in Spanish by one of the officials, apparently I wasn't the only one who did not approve or understand since the crowd booed. I was extremely irritated by this... I do not want to pay for and hear my commercials in Spanish (I hate commercials to begin with, this just made it worse), if I have to hear or see them, I want them in English. That is the language my family speaks and understands. If I want to watch TV in Spanish, I will watch one of those 8 channels that I have to pay for in my package, and if Spanish speaking people want to see MNF in Spanish they can buy the same package.

Thanks for listening, I'm done now. Until next time..... Lorie

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Annette said...

Fifth Third (hell, I had to even slow down when I typed it out)...I've dealt with them many a times, with many a jobs I've had. And every.single.time when talking to someone I had to stop and say it like three times in my head and still usually ended up screwing it up when it actually spewed from my mouth.

I agree...stupid name for a bank/financial institution.

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Ok perplexed over the bank name.

Finances I refuse to think about it ... :)

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