Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bitch & Moan Friday 0n Sunday

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Here comes my Bitch and Moan Friday, again on Sunday... so what! I've had a busy weekend!

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Here goes:

Levi's Commercials

What the hell are the talking about, doing or trying to say in these commercials???? If anyone knows, please let me know. There are random shots of young people of all ages with this "1984" type scratchy voice in the background speaking words that I have no idea what he is saying. If you know what he is saying, let me know that, too. Maybe I am not "intelligent" (that's for my book club - they'll know what it means) enough to know what it is all about. But I just think it is totally stupid and has nothing to do with selling jeans. (Kind-of like the Calvin Klien perfume commercials... hmm.)

Home Owner's Associations (HOA)

I just hope my HOA doesn't read my blog.... What is it with the random enforcement with rules? Don't know if any of you belong to a community with an HOA, but WTF???? First of all, some of the rules are really good for the community: no broken down vehicles, up on blocks in your front yard that has 15 ft. of grass; Can't paint your house neon purple with sunshine yellow shutters and day-glo orange trim... OK, I get those. But, I can put a potted plant ON the step, but NOT on the walkway that is just below the step; I cannot use 2 small solar powered lights on the sides of my garage (that have been there for TWO YEARS, and now you deside they can't be there?) so that I can see my garage at night (which looks exactly like my neighbors) in the BACK of my house (which according to the bylaws is my "private space"). That is bad enough, but then you decide that you will CHOOSE to allow certain people (i.e. those with ALL the money in town, or who sponsor events) to do whatever the HELL they want in and around their house... oh, I don't know such as put up a wrought iron fence around their property, when there are not supposed to be fences unless they are those ugly white fat plank wood ones that you approve of, and ONLY in the side or back that cannot be seen from the front of the house. Plus, this same house can have golf course grass, which is softer, and easier to take care of and keep green, while the rest of us have to have this fat, hard Bermuda saw grass, that is such a pain in the ass to take care of. How about my neighbor who was away for a couple of weeks and came back to notice that his sidewalk in front had gotten a bit moldy, so he called someone to have it power washed, only to have the inspectors come by just as it was being done. (Oh, yeah, and it takes four inspectors to do this, together, real good use of man-hours.) He made some joke to them about getting it done just in the nick of time. The inspectors nodded and laughed -- but they sited him anyway!! Assholes!! Things like this happen ALL THE TIME! I could go on-and-on, but I won't because I'm sure you get the drift. And don't forget we get to PAY for all this!!


Not ALL people, just the ones in public who think that the world owes them everything... When I am out, I have to use either a cane or a wheelchair, depending on how long I'm going to be out and how I am feeling. You can group people into two groups, the ones who are really wonderful and try to help me and the OTHERS. This B&M are for the OTHERS.... We were grocery shopping the other day, and I really should have had my chair, but I only had my cane... I was walking kind-of slowly, but I was trying my best. Three teens bitches were coming the other way all walking side by side and so I got over as far as I could to the right, and they just kept coming... not moving at all just talking to each other looking like they owned everything in site, or expected someone to give it to them.... The one closest to me nearly knocked me over because I couldn't get over far enough, I swear if my cane was in the other hand, I would have hit her with it... instead, I just said "excuse me" really loud as they passed, and I got a really loud "tsk" in return. The same day, a woman parked her carriage in the middle of the aisle, and as we tried to get by, I said excuse me and she didn't hear, or ignored us, so I tried to move her carriage just a little so we could get by and she snatched it out of my hand, again almost pulling me over, and gave me a dirty look. I apologized (ME apologizing, hmpf), told her we were just trying to get by, and she turned away! Then another person in the parking lot, didn't stop as we trying to cross to get to our car, where it is clearly marked to STOP, and the ground has painted lines.... and I'm hobbling along with my cane and Bill and our carriage of groceries...DUH!! We went to the Octoberfest that night downtown, and came across pretty much the same thing, either the super-wonderful people or the OTHER kind-of people. I swear, I have never said the F-word more times in my life than that day!!! And I really don't use that word that much!

OK, I'm done, and I feel better... Let the new week begin.....

Until next time..... Lorie


Paige said...

I feel ya on the mean people suck! Kind of like me when I was in the grocery, pulled off to the side bc little man was screaming for snacks, and got kicked and told to move it by some old dude......gosh I had visions of slapping him up side the head lol. Oh and by the way in high school I wore a shirt that said, "if mean people suck nice people swallow" and got in trouble and had to wear "property of PHS" shirt for the rest of the day ;)

Sarah said...

Our HOA drives me nuts too. Among the dumber rules is not being able to wash our own cars. We're also not allowed to have our garage doors open for any length of time. The way the street lights hit our garage door at night, it looks like the door is open from down the street and we've received several letters threatening fines, one from a night when we weren't even home.

Sorry about all the mean people - they do suck!

Alexis AKA MOM said...

HOA I've heard some crazy stories about them. I can't get over the potted plants, that is nuts!!!

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