Sunday, October 4, 2009

Bitch and Moan Friday - On Sunday Again

Fairy Blog Mother

Annette at Fairy Blog Mother began this meme, to be posted on Fridays, to help get whatever pissed you off bugged you each week off your chest before the weekend... Well, I was so busy, that I didn't have time to post it on Friday, so here it is today, Sunday. It's OK, at least I can start off the new week "cleansed"

I really had a pretty good week, not too bad, I only have TWO complaints:

~ Thieves: Not just run-of-the-mill thieves, you know, the kind you hear about every night on the news. I'm talking about the the kind that would steal a $1.00 pair of earrings from a yard sale that I am having to try to raise money to pay for my medication, because I am in the stinking "donut hole" that these idiots in Washington decided was a good idea for those of us on Medicare could "afford" to pay. I mean, COME ON, do you really need those earrings THAT bad, they aren't even THAT nice... WHY do you think I am getting rid of them? If they WERE that nice, don't you think I would WEAR them sometimes. I figured some little girl might like them to play dress-up sometime. You stupid scum-sucking dirtbag... I hope they turn your ears green and give you an infection or a keloid!!

~ Early Shoppers at same yard sale... OK the signs say it begins at 8:00 -- an ungodly hour in my opinion ANYWAY, but it was a community wide porch and yard sale, so I had no say on when it started. By the way, the Community "authorities" wanted us to pay $10.00 - YES, I said that right - to have our little houses placed on the map so people could FIND us - screw that, I knew some sucker on my street would pay, and the signs would go up on the end of the street, and people would "find" my house, hoo-ya!! But, I digress... Anyway, The Hubs and I get up at 7:15 to start setting up, I make massive quantities of coffee, and people are already started to come by the house at 7:30 to see what we have... I don't even have everything out yet and they drive away, shaking their heads... How do they know I don't have a huge container of rare coins that I am saving for the last thing???? I know, would I be selling a 50 cent bowl if I did... But it's the principle!!! Can't you people READ???

Oh, well, that's all for this week... don't forget to link up your B&M post with Annette over at Fairy Blog Mother.....

Until next time..... Lorie

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Alexis AKA MOM said...

what is WRONG with people these days! I hope the yard sale went better after that! And LOT'S of coffee :)

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